Thursday, January 14, 2016

Return Of Alien UFOs

I didn't post for a few days because I was traveling on a UFO with aliens, but I'm back now, so here I am!

One night we heard funny noises like an old car driving back and forth about to throw a rod. We were laughing and making up stories, wondering what this car on it's last legs was doing running up and down the road. It was dark thirty, we couldn't see the car, just hear it.

A loud rat-a-tat-tat that would seemingly drive away and then stop, going silent. A few minutes later, we would hear the loud rat-a-tat-tat start up again, drive back the other way and then stop, going silent again. A few minutes later, this would repeat again. We wondered why someone with such a sick ailing car was driving back and forth every few minutes.

The next morning we discovered ALIENS had landed their starship. Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I am never sure how close to get to alien ships what with them abducting people and me unsure whether or not I want to be abducted.

I mean to say, I love a good adventure, but riding on an alien ship is something I am still contemplating, so for now, I just stay far away from them.

alien ufo, alien starship, aliens, alien spacecraft

But there is the old adage, curiosity killed the cat.

However there is also the rejoinder, satisfaction  brought it back.


I leashed up my little trusty doggy to go investigate. I haven't seen many spaceships closeup, might as well go sneak a peek at this one.

If aliens were going to take me far away on their spaceship, then by golly, I wanted my pup along for the ride. Besides Harley dog enjoys traveling by bicycle, motorhome, car, golf cart, shopping cart, boat, motorcycle, you name it, he wants to ride on it.

alien ufo, alien starship, aliens, alien spacecraft

Well, holy cow, there is ANOTHER spaceship parked nearby. This one has festooned theirs with multiple flags including American, French and Italian. I couldn't quite make out the rest at this distance.

So THAT is what the funny ailing car sound was! The aliens were putting up their flags and using some sort of noisy gadget to tie down their guide wires. Well, that mystery is solved.

Perhaps they come in peace to meet humans and doggies. Why else would they fly all those flags?

OK, I am moving in CLOSER.

The wanderlust in me just can't resist. Maybe a ride on a spaceship would be awesome! I've been on planes, trains, cars, elephants, donkeys, horses, bicycles, golf carts, motorhomes, assorted boats and other stuff afloat so why not take my chances on a spaceship?

Life is long, death is short.

After all, I have been to the UFO Welcome Center and I wrote about that at this link in 2014. Now that I do my research, I did write about my spaceship ride with aliens in 2013 at this link. I guess I had forgotten about that, aliens like to erase the memory so you have no recall, that's why I wrote about it quick as I could and even snapped a picture of their garden on another planet here.  I zapped it all from their ship out to the internet before my memory was erased. I guess I outsmarted them!

Funny I couldn't remember ANY of that until I did a search just now. Something seemed like deja voodoo, like there was a UFO in my past.

Harley and I march forward. We are going to gamble that we make it back alive. 

And we did!

Well that's today's comedy in the circus of life.

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