Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Guard Dog On Duty


"Harley? You have to stay in the motorhome while I shop for groceries. Sorry but they don't allow little doggies in the grocery store. Their rules, not mine. Stick out your tongue, boo and hiss, but I can't change the rules just because you think you're special."

"Now be a good dog and guard the motorhome! That's your job."

I'm on high alert. Guarding the motorhome while she gets to go hunting for food. 

Broad daylight in a parking lot. 

Not exactly a den of thieves here. 

She has been gone forever!


I think my eyelids are getting heavy

Very heavy. 

Let me check my eyelids for leaks. 

She has been gone FOREVER. 


I *yawn* am guarding *yawn* the motorhome *yawn* while she hunts for food. 

Is she ever coming back?

She's been gone forever!


I think I hear a pillow in back calling my name. 

A dog's work is never done!

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