Monday, July 18, 2016

That Stinks!

So this bear, fox, duck, skunk, deer and horse went into a bar.

They ordered up drinks and said while camping at H. Cooper Black Memorial Field and Trial Recreation Area in Society Hill, South Carolina they saw a MERMAID.

And I saw them too!

At the camp. (True!)

Not the bar. (Also true...)

Which later the bartender said the skunk and the deer didn't pay their tabs. The skunk said he had no cents and the deer said she had no bucks. But the bartender said he scammed the duck by putting it all on his bill.

Skunks are nocturnal hunters. However a youngster turned up at my campsite poking around yesterday afternoon. He showed no rabid signs at all, something to look for when a critter is out and about at a weird time.

He was tiny and very cute. Of course all baby creatures are adorable. He was about the size of a very young small squirrel. He sniffed around, checking out the foliage around the camp. My doggy was barking up a storm from inside the RV. I was trying to calm him down while setting my camera up  to open the window to snap a picture.

All I captured was a blur.

I aimed the zoom wrong.

The skunk asked if he could borrow my phone to call his mom cause his cell phone was out of odor.

Finally the little skunk scampered off into the woods presumably to rejoin mom and the other kits in their daytime slumber. But before he left, he turned around and told me a joke. He was so bad at telling it and messed up the punch line that I said "Skunk, your delivery stinks!"

Most skunks are pretty smart.

After all they have a lot of scents.

Skunks are normally nocturnal hunters unless the mother was unsuccessful in finding enough food for herself and her kits. So I kind of expected mom to turn up looking for her errant baby. However he appeared well fed, had a sleek coat and a bushy tail. I think he was just being adventurous sneaking off to see the world while mom and the other kits were snoozing.

H. Cooper Black Memorial Field and Trial Recreation Area in Society Hill, South Carolina

Do you know how you stop a skunk from smelling?

Put cotton in his nostrils!

You've heard of flying squirrels. But did you hear about the flying skunks?

They're called smellicopters

Do you know how many skunks does it take to make a big stink?

A phew!

I heard later the little adventurous skunk went downtown and walked into the town's court room. When people screamed it scared the little fellow and he stunk up the place causing people to gasp and run.

The bailiff yelled  "Odor in the court! Odor in the court!"

I haven't seen any sheep or goats around here at all. I mentioned this to the park ranger. He said that is because the sheep and goats usually go to the Baaaaaahamas this time of year.

I was telling the ranger about being at the beach last May and swimming with the orcas. They were playing such beautiful music.

The ranger looked puzzled and asked me where did the orcas learn to play music?

I said in the "Orca-stra!"

I sure hope when I go back to Florida this winter they have caught that thieving crook-odile that steals small pets!

Today the ranger got the cow out. He was munching up all the tall grass.

That explains why they named him The Lawn Moo-er.

After awhile a government truck drove up and delivered a bull to the middle of the dirt road that has become all rutted from the rains. The bull laid down and went to sleep. The government truck drove away.

The ranger came by, looked at the sleeping bull said there  must have been a  mixup with the purchase order when he requisitioned a bulldozer for the dirt road.

I was trying to watch a movie with my dog during the rain storm but Harley dog kept stopping and starting  the movie. Finally I said "What are you doing?"

He said he was playing with the paws button.

Life is goof. Have fun.

Life is long, death is short. Think about that next you're unhappy over petty matters.

I hope you enjoying groaning or giggling today!

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  1. Funny! For some reason I started thinking of the cute little skunk named "Flower." Also, that adorable skunk . . . Pepe La Pew.


Life is goof!