Thursday, July 21, 2016

To Orb Or Not To Orb

To orb or not to orb.

There is a good deal of controversy over orbs and their origin. I will go into that another day, but it's a subject I am fascinated with and have studied at great length.

Yesterday was a wild and crazy day. It started out with phone calls from both the USA and an exotic port with fabulously good news from treasured friends. Later we (doggy and I) had a sudden horrific storm with damages to my rig and the campground facilities including a heavy iron corral fence that toppled over like it was toothpicks. I was all alone out here too. Not another camper nor ranger nor anybody around anywhere. A big tree branch crashed then bounced off my roof but so far, no leaks. My canine companion was pretty upset.

I was beginning to think I was losing my fearlessness too.  Maybe I am just plain tired.

I have a few things to clean up, repair and curse but no time to whine about it now.

I'm suffering from lack of sleep trying to get so much done in rapid order the last few days and I don't always move so fast, what with trying to be mindful not to break anymore bones. (Safety first!)

After the damaging storm yesterday, I was just so grateful to wake up alive, stumble outside and discover the sun was going to come up after all. Somehow that is a personal affirmation to me, that all is well.

Standing outside super sleepy but grinning like a fool at the sunrise when it occurred to me to grab the camera because it looked like a smiley face to me (I have wild imagination!) I so needed that smiley face.

I wanted to snap a picture to remind me how wonderful life truly is.

Later when I downloaded the pics to my computer, there is an orb in the first picture but not the second.
So I checked the time on the pictures, the one above is 6:59am and the second one below also shows 6:59am.

Unfortunately the camera doesn't record seconds.  But suffice it to say they were taken less than a minute apart.

Life is goof.

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  1. I am glad you are still "right side up" after that storm. You sure have had your share of storms lately. Was that pink ball near the fence post on the left the orb? I haven't seen one before (or maybe noticed).

  2. Are you doing OK? Have not seen any posts lately and wondered if you were OK.


  3. I was just wondering the same thing.


Life is goof!