Friday, July 01, 2016

You Qwack Me Up

I was zipping down a busy highway when I managed to snap 2 pictures of geese in the median trying to cross a very busy fast highway. I so wanted to stop and escort them over.

Too many cars.

Not enough nature.

Save the planet from pollution.
Park the car.
Ride a bicycle.

Did you know that a bicycle is the most efficient form of human self propulsion?

Traffic was so thick and fast, I could not stop without causing a calamity. I was in the left lane of a   swift  moving four lane divided highway. I knew I had a left turn coming up. I tend to get over early because sometimes cars seem unfriendly towards an RV trying to change lanes.

I hope the fowl made it across without a foul.

All I could do was pray for angels.

Extreme solitude.

Currently I am camping in nature on 7,000 acres all alone. I am sort of hoping we have weekend campers.

I loaded up the bicycle with the dog, his toys and my wallet. We went to extend our stay a week.

Harley is so lonesome for an audience. He spent an hour yesterday dancing for the ranger and showing him how he plays soccer and volleyball.

The little mutt runs himself ragged until I am forced to take his toys away, plop down his water and refuse to give back the toys until he drains the bowl. In this case, he drained it twice, then begged for toys.

Just now he indicated he wanted to go outside and play. When I opened the door and we were hit with a thick wall of heat, he retreated back inside. Maybe later.

Life is goof.

Thank you for stopping by. 

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