Monday, July 04, 2016

Microburst Terror In The Campground

Doggy and I went through another wild storm clinging to each other during winds so high my camper rocked and rolled like a cork on angry seas. Many campers had damages. We were very fortunate to have none.

It appears that the final two roof leaks were finally repaired. It's been an uphill battle to make this baby waterproof but now we have SUCCESS!

It might have been a micro-burst or a tornado nearby. But it was crazy! Several campers lost their awnings. My simple anchoring system held up. When I am alone, no way I can get the awning down fast enough when crazy weather arrives with no warning.

I've been working on a new website blog:

Tiny Home Lifestyle Reviews

So much more to add but it's a start. I randomly add more as time permits. 

When I said I was a bit foggy in the morning, I wasn't kidding. 

This was my view one grand morning recently at sunrise. 

Life is goof. 


  1. I'm so glad your awning held. You did a good job!

    The weather must be changing because I cannot remember windless "microbursts" when I lived in SC years ago. It sounds like you must always be prepared.

  2. I said "windless" microbursts when I meant "rainless." Oh well, duh!


Life is goof!