Thursday, July 14, 2016


Last Sunday I went shopping. I passed up the $1.99 per gallon gas. Then at the next town it dropped to $1.85 so I filled up. Turns out I needed a half tank or exactly 27.5 gallons. Amazing, since I do have a 55 gallon tank.

The next town had gas for $1.79 of course I was already full by then.

Oh well! I guess I should have checked but I forget these things. I don't have a smart phone so I have to check on laptop in advance. Some areas are updated often, some are not, so it's still a hit and miss to use the site for gas purchases.

When I returned to the campsite, my neighbor was taking one final ride before he packed up and left.
H. Cooper Black Jr Memorial Field Trial and Recreation Area


I seem to be the only camper taking advantage of the half priced special here in Society Hill, South Carolina. I checked the reservations and apparently one campsite is rented this weekend besides mine. Ironically, they chose the other loop. So we will both have plenty of solitude. Can't even see the other loop from here.

The dog and I have enjoyed potluck meals and interesting conversation. He barks when Sasquatch goes by and I howl at the moon.

H. Cooper Black Jr Memorial Field Trial and Recreation Area
H. Cooper Black Jr Memorial Field Trial and Recreation Area

Someone emailed me wanting a picture of the cowboy boots I bought last Sunday, but I did not buy any. Just went shopping for fun. Oh I found 2 pairs I was delighted with, but no credit cards were injured. I still dream about them. They were oh so comfy and they do help protect against snake bites when hiking. I have worked and reworked the budget and I must wave my magic wand over it next. Never give up hope!

Though, I have thought about the boots long and hard, plus the straw hat I found that I just loved. It was an XL and I have a big head. It was so comfy and cool looking.

Mainly I just bought food, trying to stick to the healthy stuff; beans, veggies, fruits, yogurt, eggs, rice and a wee bit of cheese.  I splurged on 6 ounces of meat just in case I wanted to live dangerously. Blueberries were only 99 cents a pint so I snapped up 4 of them. Whee! Some dark chocolate fell into my basket. The cashier rang it up and hid it in my bag before I could protest.

I didn't want to wreck her day by making her take it back off the bill. Usually they have to call a manager and it holds up the line. People were waiting in back of me. It would have been thoughtless of me to make a scene over a little bit of dark chocolate being tacked on my budget friendly bill.

Harley dog didn't get a thing. Poor baby. His dry and wet food is bought 3-4 months at a time. He has his own cabinet! Friends of his often bring or send  him bags of treats, so he really didn't need anything. However, he does love a bit of my cheese now and then. Spoiled? Heck no, just very well fed. He enjoys variety.

It's almost 9pm and we are sitting outside enjoying the final dusky light. I have the electric wind aimed at me instead of the back of the refrigerator.

This is the time of year when I have to run the little fridge on the highest setting and cool the hot rear of it which is vented on the outside of the RV. I am SUPER grateful to have a refrigerator that works! I lived several years without a working refrigerator in the early 90's while on a sailboat in the Caribbean. It gave me a whole new respect for icy cold food and water.

Life is goof.

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