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October 2006

Blast from the past...

October 2006

I will have to give you some background so you understand the crazy but true story. I was stuck all alone in my then home, a Caribbean apartment, unable to walk, with a huge heavy cast on my leg and no wheel chair. I had to use an office chair and my good leg to wheel around the apartment. The office chair had a very high back. This sometimes caused problems when I least expected it.

To complicate matters, we had random water service. I never knew if the water was on or off until I tried to use the faucet. This could be real inconvenient if showering when the water ceased to exist. In this case, it was a problem when I had a fire.

Anyhow... here's a blast from the past in October 2006.

Last night it poured down rain at sunset in a thick haze that nearly obscured all visibility.
This morning it has been raining off and on and skies are blue with big thick patches of gray.  Right now the rain is so hard and loud, that it's drowning out all other noises.
I can't find my fire extinguisher. Not sure where it could have run off to. Yesterday I managed to start a fire by accident.
I was rolling around in my office chair, trying to cook  fried eggs to go with some adzuki beans from the crockpot.  I had lit one gas burner, cracked 2 eggs into the frypan and whipped around in my chair to find some red pepper.  When I turned back around, a second gas burner was lit, the one under the foamy egg carton and the whole mess was on fire. I guess the back of my chair had bumped the stove knob, and the flame had jumped over to the leaking second burner.
I turned off the flame, picked up the egg carton, while it was still on fire and wheeled over to the sink and turned the water on.  Alas, we had no water. Boy that foamy stuff sure is stinky!   Meanwhile the fried eggs were getting crispy, so I wheeled back over to shut that flame down, then turned around to the fire in the sink, looking for a towel to smother it with. I spied my towel  way across the room, in the floor, where I had used it to mop of water I had knocked over earlier.  About that time,  one of the raw eggs got hot enough to explode, so now I had a fire and flying egg goo. 
I remembered I had made a nice fresh pitcher of cinnamon tea which was sitting in the fridge, so I wheeled over to the fridge, retrieved the tea and dumped that on the mess. Whew. Breakfast is ready!
I cheated death, once again.  I must have 19 lives, cause I have used up more than 9 already.
This morning, I was contemplating breakfast,when I settled on plain yogurt with Grape Nuts, Cinnamon and a sliced banana, all served raw.  No eggs were injured in the making of this breakfast.
P.S.  If anyone knows how to get gooey egg mess off the ceiling, let me know.

Life is goof.


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