Friday, July 08, 2016

The rocking chair is next to go. I suppose one of these days I should save up for a weather radio with an alarm. I was about to drift off into my wild animal afternoon nap when I heard quite a commotion outside.

No, it wasn't Santa Claus in July.

It was my rocking chair cartwheeling through the campground. Before I could open the door, my fan which was tied to a table by the door collapsed blocking my door. Table, milk crates and fan can tumbling down.

My fridge is iffy in this heat, but having the fan blow on the backside of the fridge which is vented by my entry door seems to coax it into working. Not much in the fridge. I need to shop one of these days. Mainly at this point, it seems I am keeping condiments nice and cold.

Good grief.

High winds again!

My neighbors lost their canopy and they were outside. But when the winds picked up they jumped inside their truck because it was heavier than their teeny teardrop bedroom trailer. From the truck they couldn't see their canopy get destroyed. Somehow their potted plant of flowers survived. For some strange reason, they gave me their flowers then packed up to go home. I was sad for them, but lucky for me to have the beautiful flowers!

After the storm subsided, I had to shove my door open knocking over the cockeyed fan and table so I could squeeze out the door. Harley dog refused to come out until I had retrieved everything and laid the outside patio mat back down. I don't know how the patio mat managed to sneak out from under my bicycle and crumple up. It is 9 by 12 feet. The mat, not the bicycle.

Life is goof.

I got my rocking chair back. It's beat to pieces but still rocks. Kind of ripped, dented and scratched. Other than that it's fine. It looks like a dumpster find... after a dumpster landed on it.

Like me.

I am beat up, scarred, missing parts, with others failing and yet other than that, nothing much wrong with me.

Lord, it's OK if you can't make me any better. I'm having a grand time just the way I am.

Rent is up Sunday morning and I haven't made any plans. I guess I should think about doing something. Stay or go. Several of the campgrounds under consideration are first come first serve, so I have to drive there and pray something is open. What fun!

Something like that.

It's hot.

Last few times I moved the rig, it was so hot, I had to run the AC and generator, so that isn't very economical, but that's the price of summer fun.

Billions of cars on the roads and it affects our weather in a bad way.

Not sure where everyone is racing around to, but there they go. Vroom!


So lonesome out here.

We've had some campers. Some are chatty, many are not. Sometimes I think it's the single woman syndrome.

Yet time and time again, when I do finally get to chat with someone they seem so astonished I live this gypsy lifestyle solo.

I don't think the monastery would have me anyhow.

Sure I would love to live this wonderful life with a like minded soul, but it's just me and doggy for now. I loved having my friend travel with me for awhile. It was great fun! When all is said and done, I'm left with fantastic memories.


  1. Some times being alone has it's plus's not having to listen to constant complaining,etc.

  2. I hope you are headed north where it is cooler and inland, or at least some place not so windy!

    And I agree about being alone being a lot easier--no one to argue with or share the TV remote. You can also eat strange things when you want to eat them--no meals to prepare.


  3. I enjoy your posts, but this one made my heart ache. I am glad you have Harley with you at least.

  4. We have a weather radio but if there is bad weather it keeps going off until we finally turn it off. At least it gets us to paying attention.

    I like to be alone sometimes so I can do what I want. I only have to please myself. I camp with my sister some and after a few days I feel like she is on vacation and I'm the maid.

  5. There is great rewards with solitude. Sometimes it makes me strange when I am around real people again.

    Not having to listen to constant complaining...

    I am lucky in that most of my few friends are pretty happy folks with no complaints and lots of laughter. I have one special friend who seems to think I am pretty funny. They once said "You are just entertaining to follow around and see what kind of mess you get into next!"

    Recently a friend called me on the phone and asked me what I had been doing. I said "Well it's a great day, 11am and I've only been through 2 tubes of super glue patching my life back together!"

    They roared with laughter... for some strange reason. Some days my hands don't operate correctly and I break things and glue them back together. Life is goof!

    But I do have a friend that is chronically unhappy and complains often. I am always trying to drive them crazy by saying ridiculous things like "Yeah, but we woke up alive on the right side of the grass!"

  6. Be careful with that crazy glue ... glued my fingers together yesterday, gotta go more glue to peel off.


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