Sunday, July 30, 2017

Busy Unboredness


Come see me.

I have so much to do I am never bored.  I will keep you so ridiculously busy, you might run home in terror afraid to utter that B word ever again.

I am overwhelmed with un-boredness. Frankly I'd like to kick up my feet and relax. Pretend to be bored. Let my body have some time to heal a spell.

Ha! In my dreams.

There is  so much to do what with everything about my tiny home lifestyle  falling apart. Little old me trying to cobble it all back together with a wing and prayer plus some duck tape and paper clips with a foolish grin on my face and that cockeyed delusional "Sure, I can do this..." attitude.

Even if I can't. I have to try! The fear is not failing. The fear is never even trying! It just MIGHT work.

Staring at the clouds hoping a savior is going to parachute down and fix this for me is a wishful dream that makes me smile and laugh.

Anything could happen.

I can't just lay down letting it all crumble around me (even though it is!) I have to put in my efforts and do my best to get good results.

This is the life of living on a teeny efficient budget while patching up body and soul.

Pray for a miracle!

Gotta run, well I can't run but I can walk in a sort of kind of fast manner and get my overly busy day wobbling along with hopes and dreams that "I think I can, I think I can..."

I'd like to feel caught up and ready to goof off, but that just isn't happening.

I realize too that in many cases I have no choice but to do things the hard way, because that is all the limited funds permit. So I quit whining and get on with it.

Maybe this will work. Maybe that will work. Maybe not. Maybe so.

No wonder my body is beat to pieces and clinging to each day like the special treasure it is. Today is a gift! Get up and rejoice.

If I should perish (and lawdy mercy I hope not cause I got things to do first) I think whoever finds me will say "Well she was certainly super busy right to the very end!"

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