Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Thought I posted this yesterday.

Well, happy 5th of July!

I've been busy cuddling my pooch who needed some serious fur-baby time what with all the noise from fireworks. He is such an outgoing fearless dog until the fireworks start. Poor baby. Then he folds up his tail, looks very distressed and needs to be cuddled,held and comforted. That's when I call him my fur-baby because he wants to be held next to my heart. This seems to calm him back down, as he goes limp and relaxed as long as I hold him tightly with both arms while plastering him to my chest. If I let go the least little bit, he becomes frightened again.

Or maybe he just wanted to watch a happy movie.

I haven't had time to watch a movie in awhile and doggy loves movies.

With both hands and arms busy holding him,with sweet murmurs "It's OK baby, it's OK..." there isn't much else I can get done like typing, or cooking, or cleaning.

Kerbooms and bangs, a scared doggy and a happy movie.

Life is goof.

5 days to go!

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Life is goof!