Monday, July 17, 2017

Sticker Shock

Sticker shock.

I moved to a place where the electricity has to be in my name and I have to pay it. They wouldn't let me put it in Harley's name. Doggone it.

Normally I am pretty darn frugal with electricity so imagine my surprise when the bill came in at $4.19 per day.


Well, it's the Harley dog's fault.

He needs a refrigerator for his wet food. He only eats half per day and I can't leave the other half out on the counter, so in the fridge it goes.

Then he loves to bicycle ride and he needs cold water in his thermos for that.

When it's hot he wants the air conditioning turned on for his comfort, especially when sleeping on hot humid nights. Otherwise the place stinks up of doggy smell.

For bathing, he insists on very warm water or else he shakes and shivers and makes a huge mess. So the electric hot water has to be on for him.

Ditto for washing his dishes every day. There is the dry food dish, the wet food dish, the water dish, the begging cup and the canisters to store his dry food need washing in hot sudsy water between refills.

Then there is the washing machine for doing his harness vests, his winter coat and his winter sweaters. Luckily he quit wearing Tshirts in the summer. Also have to use the washing machine to wash his bed, his pillow, his blankies and stuffed toys that have too much aromatic doggy drool on them.

Next I  have to wash his bathing towel, his beach towel or river towel or lake towel. He has a favorite rug where he plays and that needs a good washing now and then. Underneath his food bowls is a memory foam rug so he can remember where to find the food that keeps moving around depending om if I am driving or parking.

His  computer needs electricity so he can post silly videos and pics of himself.

When asked if he wants to watch a movie during a thunderstorm he will race for the closest seat to the set, so I have to look at his silly ear sticking up blocking half the screen. I have other things to do besides watching movies, but during a thunderstorm, he needs the distraction to keep from having a nervous breakdown.

His popcorn is made on the propane stove, but still there is the electric hot water to wash his popcorn bowl.

At night he wants lights so he can see to clean his privates and his toes before beddy bye time.

I am beginning to think the dog is responsible for 90% of the electric bill.

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