Friday, July 21, 2017

Black Eye Friday


Pirate on the loose. I have a black eye and my tooth fell out. The other pirate looks even worse. A scallywag cohort said I should put a warm tea bag on both and go back to bed.

Now that's a plan that appeals to me.

No hurricanes on the horizon so I should be safe to anchor a spell while I make tea and slap a bag on my injuries.

But first I have to deliver my loot to the Queen.

The box was heavy gold, way too big for my baskets. So I used two gear ties (one yellow, one black) to lash it down to the back rack with a loop around the seat.

I sent a picture to the Queen after scribbling across it "You're package is on it's way!"

If you don't know what gear ties are, then you aren't living right.

This is one of the handiest inventions I ever stumbled across. Actually an angel gave me some for Christmas and I've been hooked on them ever since.

Made by Nite ize, these gear ties are rubber coated durable wires that can be quickly molded (and remolded over and over) into any shape or twisted together, or twisted to make a quick tie without even bothering with a fancy knot.

They come in 3 inch on up to 64 inch. If you need one bigger than 64 inch, then just twist two together to make an even longer length. Short 3 inch ones are useful to neatly tie up bundles of wires or cables. If your wires and cables change, it's easy enough to untwist rearrange your cables then twist a gear tie back on it.

I have been using these for 1,001 uses around the ship, motorhome, bicycle, camping and now in my she-shed.

When I have difficult cargo that needs to be lashed down or tied up, I grab a gear tie. To keep my coffee pot from flying across the motorhome while driving, I use a gear tie to keep it safe. Ditto for the crock pot on the counter. A gear tie looped around the handle of the crock pot and through the galley rail that holds my spices, keeps the crock pot safe on the counter and not in the floor in a million pieces while driving.

You can also do sculpture with gear ties just for fun. I've cobbled so many projects together with gear ties, sometimes just to make a prototype first.  When I load my bicycle  on to the rear of the motorhome on my homemade bike rack, a gear tie is used to secure it. Now that I made a nifty ramp to make it easier to load and unload my bicycle, I drilled holes in it to lash it under the rack while driving. My little ramp is ready when I get there, just unlash, unload and ride off into the sunset.

Sometimes in a campground I put up a tall pole with a wifi antenna on top to pick up a signal. I use the gear ties to secure the pole to my rig or a tree or whatever there is around for me to lash it to. If the antenna is in the wrong place, it's just seconds to undo the gear ties, move the entire contraption and lash it to something again. I used to use gear ties to hold the antenna to the pole until I found a more permanent method.

Check out gear ties and get your life in order.  They come in assorted colors and sizes.

Oh and about that black eye and tooth. I don't know why the tooth fell out, I guess in sympathy for the eye.

My ear was blocked up, the one hit by lightening 20 years ago still gives me fits sometimes. I foolishly held my nose and blew real hard to try to clear my ear.

Bad career move!

About an hour later, the ear was still blocked up but my tooth fell out while eating rice. I swear I cooked the rice first. Went to bed a bit miffed about the cantankerous ear and upset about the tooth. I gave the ear one more good blow while holding my nose.

Woke up with a black saggy eye that feels just awful. I guess I blew a wee bit too hard.

Getting old ain't for sissies.

Life is goof. 

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  1. A tip if you experience mouth/tooth pain. After years of experimenting (and having teeth fall out), I just recently discovered that nutmeg essential oil really helps with pain. Just a twitch on the finger and apply across the area. I am amazed! We are all different, but this is definitely worth a try.


Life is goof!