Sunday, September 09, 2012

96 To Ninety Six

96 to Ninety Six sounds like a wild score between two rivaling teams that won't call a truce.

I drove exactly 96 miles today to Ninety Six, South Carolina. Isn't that simply amazing?  I made several stops, but all were right on the route I was traversing, no detours and I didn't even get lost.

What is the world coming to when I actually go somewhere without getting lost?  It's insane!  Of course since my birthday, I have been learning to use a GPS. So that may have something to do with it.

I left at 10am, arrived at 2:30pm at Lake Greenwood State Park  located in Ninety Six, South Carolina.  Here we park, monkey dog and I, camped out for the night.  I was so pooped that I laid down to rest. I woke up to Harley barking and someone knocking at the door.

It was the park ranger. We had parked in the wrong campsite. Oops!  Well, that's what I get for accepting help. I had found lot 7.  It was at an odd angle requiring one to back in. I hopped out of the driver's seat to inspect the trees, water hookup, electric post and picnic table, to make sure I could dodge them all. I had overshot a ways, so I was going to back up then turn into lot 7.

A man waiting behind me, hopped out of his SUV, announcing he would direct me in. I didn't know how to decline such cheery service, so I agreed to his directions. Well he  directed me into lot 9, not 7 and silly me was so tired I never even noticed. The park was no where near full. I told the park ranger I was just dead tired and made a mistake. I didn't blame the stranger. She said she would just change her records.

You  can tell I drive like an absolute maniac. 96 miles in only four and a half hours is an astonishing 21 miles per hour average.

Actually I avoided all the interstates, and made three stops. The scenery was outstanding. Just old-timy countryside interrupted by a little town now and then. Lately Harley dog has taken to singing when I park to grocery shop. I am trying to retrain him to be a quiet little doggy who does not audition for Star Search while I am shopping.  This time he let's out one long loud yodel as I walk towards the store. I whip around, hold my finger across my lips to shush him. He gets real quiet and vanishes from the window as if to say "That's not me yodeling in the window at your retreating backside! You must be hearing things."

He knows he will be rewarded with a walk at all our stops, just sometimes after, not before. He's become great at cart return. I stash the groceries, then leash him up to go with me to return the shopping cart. Sometimes we take it all the way to the store entrance rather than the drop-off spots in the parking lot. He used to be terrified of the cart. A few times I let him ride in the cart on hot steamy days when the tarmac beneath us appeared to be melting. He wasn't sure if he liked riding in the cart or not. But he is fearless now. He will willingly ride in the cart or walk beside it without barking at the wheels. For a little puppy dog of barely 7 pounds, he has been a lot of places, learning plenty of new things whether he wanted to or not.

The internet is flaky here (I am using my mobile cell type connection) and my 12volt system is having a field day with me. Fuses are popping, something is shorted out and I can't figure it out.

It's always something, but for you non-RV-ers, the 12 volt system controls a good bit of the RV electrical things, like lights, water-pump, refrigerator panel even when I am plugged into regular 110 current. Oh dear me.
Harley dog by DearMissMermaid.Com

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  1. Do you have any way to check the voltage there? That may be a problem too.


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