Saturday, September 01, 2012

Are You There Yet?

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Blue Moon August 31 2012

The phone rang the other day.

"Are you home yet?"

"Yes, just drove up a few minutes ago.  Plugged in the electricity, came inside and the phone rang."

"I thought you left at 10:30 this morning."

"I did."

"Well it's 6:30 now.  How can it take you 8 hours to drive 170 miles?"

"Well, let's see...

Broke camp and drove.

First I went by the graveyard where I had attended the funeral the day before. I wanted to spend some time alone there communing. Walked the dog.

Drove down country roads, then transferred to the interstate.

Stopped to make a late breakfast for the dog and I. We went for a walk, then he went to nap in the RV  while I went daydreaming in a chef shop I had spied on  our walk.

Went back to the RV where an enthusiastic puppy tried to give me kisses.

Drove some more.

Tired of the interstate already,pulled over to a truck stop. Rerouted the GPS to take us down byways and highways. Walked the doggy.

Drove some more enjoying the rural scenery.

Stopped for gas. Walked the dog. Filled up my water bottle with iced tea from the fridge.

Rerouted GPS to find an off-leash dog park. Drove some more in the countryside. Poked through small towns eyeballing their historic buildings.

Stopped for groceries. Then walked the dog.  He is really enthusiastic about cart returning at the grocery store.

Drove some more down country roads.

Stopped at the park that had off leash doggy areas. Found out the website that said it was free lied. They wanted $2 to enter the park. I keep a spare change purse up front for these types of surprises. Counted out my pennies, nickels and dimes to pay the entrance fee.

Told the astonished  toll lady, we had been saving up  for months just to  come here.

Harley tried to climb over my lap and out the driver's window, to kiss the toll lady.

Drove around the park three times like a blind fool before we found the off leash area. Teeny sign about 50 feet off the road. You park then walk about 300 yards to the dog park entrance. Was covered in sweat by the time we arrived, grateful I was carrying water.

Nobody there but us.

Let the doggy run wild in the park all alone.  Nearly got heat stroke hiking uphill  to the parking lot another 300 yards.

Sat down in the RV. Drank a pint of iced tea. Mopped a gallon of sweat off my forehead. Watered the dog again.

Rerouted the GPS to get back on the interstate.

Drove  home.

And I guess that's how I managed to spend 8 hours going 170 miles.

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