Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All Better

The dog and I have been busier than a long tailed putty cat in a room full of bowling balls. I am exhausted. 

Something did not agree with my tummy. For three days it doth protest loudly.  I could have hired myself out as a crowd disperser. Believe me the flock would have run for their life with their fists clinched firmly to their noses. 

But my puppy dog has dutifully put up with me, and I with he. 

Then our electrical system took a nose dive, both exhaust fans shorted out, the battery died, fuses were imitating popcorn on the stove. I did everything I could think of but I could not suss out the problem. I felt so defeated. 

I found a repairman who could come to me but I told him since it wasn't a bodacious emergency, I could drive to him saving him the drive time and me the mobile surcharge. 

Matter of fact, this is the third time I have sought out a mobile repairman that lived remotely in the countryside. It seems these Mobile RV type guys prefer that kind of lifestyle. 

This neighborhood was not as isolated as the man I sought out a year ago, down miles of dirt roads and horse trails with no buildings in sight.  But today's repairman lived in a country suburbia with very generous lots. Over the phone, he was worried I might not find his place.  He reminded me to call him when I was close to  his town.  I told him I expected to be there in about an hour. 

He seemed astonished when an hour later,  I just drove right into his place and parked.

Now if you are driving down a country road with homes scattered around, do you think the house with a big gravel apron out front with 4 RV's, 2 travel trailers, a van, a pickup truck, a golf cart, ladders, scaffolding and a big  garage with an open door revealing three tons of tools and an air compressor in a separate building next to his house MIGHT just be the home of the Mobile RV guy?


I took my chances, pulled into the driveway, found a nice level place to park, then leashed up the dog, got out and introduced ourselves.  I was impressed that despite the numerous vehicles, everything was orderly, the yard manicured, tools organized, the other RV's were shiny and clean. Two men were busy on a fifth wheel, promising to get with me soon. I told them I was in no rush, and  I would take the dog for a walk. 

When we returned, I was slightly embarrassed to go back to bed, while they commenced work on my little old motorhome after I told them what little I knew about the whole affair. Later, I was grateful I laid down to rest, because I was pooped out and I needed the energy to drive later on. 

They worried over the wiring, eventually getting all repaired except they had no exhaust fans in stock. Furthermore my deep cycle house battery that runs the RV was dead beyond CPR resuscitation. 

The problem with the house battery is that they installed it in the engine compartment. Then they built the engine around it so that replacing it is a monumental chore of disassembling part of the engine to get to it. 

I am so used to doing business on far flung islands in the middle of nowhere, that I asked them if they had a used house battery they would consider selling. The thought of going to a major city to track down a deep cycle house battery seemed daunting too, in my recovering condition. Getting the wretched thing out and a new one installed was not going to be easy either. I even pointed out to the repairman, that it's a shame the frame there wasn't sawed off a quarter inch to make the task so much easier. He said he had just the saw to do that. Furthermore he agreed to sell first his RV battery which was supposed to be only 2 weeks old, but after fighting to get my dead battery out and his new one in. It was dead too.


Next he pulled out his golf cart battery, a nice newish deep cycle battery which worked marvelously. I was beginning to like these guys, but they ran out of time and I ran out of money.  I have some other non-critical repairs I wanted done, but that will have to be another time. And I still need to sort out the two exhaust fans. 

The day just kept getting better except for the accident we had at the campground later on. Nobody was injured. But...

More on that later. 

Colleton State Park, South carolina, copyright
We are at our favorite site at Colleton State Park in South Carolina.
The question mark is our unlisted number.
Behind us is the Cypress Swamp.
Love this spot!


  1. Oh, I love your spot!! Wondered about the question mark though.
    I can relate to going to an RV shop out in the country, then running out of money. Still need parts for my generator, it got half fixed :-(
    You have two exhaust fans? Bathroom & center of the rig? Is one a fantastic fan maybe? If so, they are really good at replacing them.

  2. I think I had more trouble with batteries than with anything else when I had an RV. I sure don't miss that worry.

  3. I suppose you checked the fuse on the fan itself that screws out. Little black thingy. Sometime loose and not making connection and sometimes blown.

  4. Everyone has been such a huge help! Thanks for all the suggestions! I try everything!


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