Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another Hitchhiker


I have not been able to post for two reasons.

One being I have had a high fever and not moving very fast.

Two, the computer refused to start. Like I needed one more broken thing to deal with. My repair list is so long, I am on page 3. After two days of occasionally trying to jump-start the computer and alternately scratching my sweaty head,  I wiggled the hard drive.  It started.

That computer rides in the comfort of my clothing drawer, well padded on all sides. How on earth the hard drive came loose, I have no idea.

I found a frog in my motorhome.  Did he do it?

Riding on the inside entrance door window, pretty as you please was a frog.  That window like 99% of the RV entrance doors,  does not even open.  He had to hop aboard sometime with me exiting or entering the RV because the window is not made to open.  My other windows have screens.

I was washing dishes past dark-thirty when I saw something move at my locked door.  I thought someone was outside, even though Harley didn't think so.  When I went to the door to investigate the movement, there was the frog, sitting on the window frame, waiting for me to find and fumble the camera to get a blurry picture before his gentle eviction.

Why does the wildlife keep trying to move inside with me?  Can't it just stay outdoors?

Photo by

I don't feed, molest or hunt wildlife, yet it seems to always be finding me. It walks through my campsite or tries to hitchhike or become a stowaway.  The dog doesn't bring this stuff home.  I have issued no invitations.  It's mind boggling.

Just because I let a certain little goofy puppy dog move aboard, doesn't mean I am opening an orphan home for critters.

Harley by Dear Miss Mermaid, puppy dog,


  1. Haven't seen one of them in a long time. Several years ago, they were plentiful here in our area and in evenings they would crawl up on windows and sliding glass doors and make croak away. But alas, no mas!!! :(( Monkey looks like he's having fun.

    The Troutman (Soon)

  2. That looks like a Cope's Gray Eastern Tree Frog. They like to climb on windows. I had one follow me in the house this summer also. He/She was just inches away when I opened the door and hopped in. I thought "Oh, No! the chase is on. It wasn't as difficult as I thought to get out.


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