Monday, September 10, 2012

Dog Race

The world is so big and I am so small. 

Harley Dawg was thrilled that we managed to get our all time favorite spot at Colleton State Park on the Edisto River in South Carolina. He has oodles of room to romp and tangle with his tether. He has dutifully outfitted his yard with 2 golf balls, 1 tennis ball, a barbell squeaky, a teddy bear and a stuffed sheep.  He is one busy boy hauling his loot outside, one toy at a time. 

Even though we are only here 2 nights, I set up the patio mat, the chairs and covered the picnic table.  Looks like home already!  No need for an awning as we are in plenty of shade as you can see from the above picture. 

Harley has taken his tether to the far reaches to test how far he can go and how many trees he can wrap around on the way there. When he gets stuck, I hear a pathetic "YHelp!"  I go untangle his entire mess, then he begins all over again. 

The Park Host came by with their wisp of a dog, about 2 pounds of miniature chihuahua attitude. She was looking to play with Harley.  They said we could let the dogs run wild (all the current campers in the park have dogs, so nobody to complain) and run wild they did!  Harley did loops around the entire campground.  He wore their dog out in just a few minutes of his high speed racing. I called him a few times, to see if he would do as he was told. He hesitated but then came running to me. I rewarded him and let him play race some more. 

Later we took the garbage out, he loves this. He knows the way to the dumpster in every campground. I let him drag me around on my leash, for another loop through the park. Then he tried to drag me back to the camp hosts because he wanted to play more.  Later if I can catch my breath, Harley has been begging me to to take him hiking through the Cypress Swamp Trail.  

We have tried to repair the 12volt system to no avail. Now we are juggling schedules with a repairman. Ut oh!  I feel so defeated.  Usually I can suss out 12volt, it's 110 that gives me the willies. 

I bought 25 more fuses, I was popping them so quickly before I figured out what I can and can not touch until the 12 volt wizard sorts it out. They came in packs of 4 or 25, since I had just blown 3, a pack of 4 seemed inadequate. 

So, I am pushing my subscriptions today trying to round up funding for the repairs.  You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. Optionally comes with email posts. Your email is kept TOP SECRET and never used for a thing except THANK YOU!

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