Friday, December 26, 2014

Another beautiful day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and fabulous holidays. Angels went out of their way to make my holidays super bright. I feel so humbled and very grateful.

My day was super low key, but fantastic because the sun came up and I watched it arise. I have so very much to be thankful for.

My silly dog celebrated his 5th birthday with enthusiasm and joy. At the dog park we were the only ones around, but he danced, pranced and ran like a bullet.

The park where I torture myself (oops, I mean ride my bicycle) was quiet, it was nice to ride the bicycle without the stress of speeding traffic. Some folks come inside the park where the posted speed limit is 15mph to drive 40mph. Not sure why that is. The park road is mainly a big loop, so what is the big hurry?

As one approaches the campground, the entrance road is 10 miles an hour (posted) and the campground itself is 5 mph (also posted). A few folks think 5 means 55. Maybe they see double (or somebody spiked their eggnog!)

Other days they slow down to gawk at me wobbling around uncertainly  on my shiny red bicycle with a silly monkey dog in my front basket and the garbage in my back basket as we head for the daily dumpster drive. Some days I tie a long skinny scarf around my forehead like a headband with the long ends flying in the wind behind my back (I have to peddle really fast for this!)

I pray the big fast cars and SUV's don't run me down, and so far, my prayers are answered (though it's still a bit dicey at times.)

Life is goof!

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Life is goof!