Monday, December 29, 2014

Free Entertainment

I have to stop and rest often while out on my bicycle. I can't seem to get my body to agree this is a good thing, but one reason I chose this park to camp in this winter was because I could more or less safely exercise on my bicycle daily. It's pure torture but I grin (grimace!) and smile and wobble along with a doggy in my front basket.

I drag myself out daily unless it's pouring down rain. My doggy loves riding, because one of our breaks is at the off-leash doggy park about a mile away. Harley can get in his running and walking exercise while I recuperate from the ride. Also, it seems many days, I don't have the energy to both give him lengthy walks and give me a workout on the bicycle, so being in this park this year is a huge bonus for me!

Sometimes we get to stop, rest and enjoy some free entertainment. This gives my aching body a rest before I resume the thrill (torture!) of bicycling.

There is a local club here with remote controlled sailboats that come out to the park 2-3 times per week to race their sailboats. The wind pushes the little boats and the admirals ashore use a remote controlled wireless device to steer and tack the boats. It's fun to watch!

The view from the bicycle...

In the background is the little lake where the sailboats race.

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  1. part of your lack of enjoyment might be due to the bike. most people try to ride in to high of a gear. is yours a single speed. if so go to a bike shop and get the gearing changed. you should be able to spin the cranks. about 90 rpm. that sounds high but it's not. at least 75rpm +. ask them to set up your bike.

    do you have knobby tires? if so get the smoothest tires that are out there. knobs at low speeds are squirrely. at speed they buzz.

    if you want to go to a bike shop and test ride until you fine what you like. try used.

    can i be a robot???huh huh huh

    ice cream raz


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