Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Rainbows and Rides

I had to skip a day posting. I went on a day trip in the wheel estate with doggy and a friend. It was fun but exhausting.

Harley claims every bit of his passenger chair.

The bright yellow flowers were the last to survive from the colorful bunch my friend bestowed upon me. 

Harley fell off the top of his passenger seat, dive bombing into his food dish.
He broke it.
That's coming out of his toy allowance.

My rolling hospice or my padded  cell.
Only 9 pillows and a doggy.
I prop up the big pillows to make a sofa or a lounge chair sometimes.
I am thrilled my bedroom/sofa comes with 3 big windows on all 3 sides.

Our day trip started out with a brilliant rainbow just a mile from the campground.

We drove into the storm down this country byway in the Florida prairie.

Harley used to be scared of the moving scenery as a puppy, but now he loves to watch the world roll by.
He is sitting with my friend on his trip south.

Slow down. Drive carefully.
We were on a country road when traffic suddenly backed up and came to a standstill.
On highway 68 going east we found this horrible one-vehicle wreck.
Emergency crews had already rescued the driver.

Avoid crowds, long lines and traffic!
Earth's Biggest Selection, Delivered To Your Door
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And we Thank You oh so much!

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