Sunday, December 28, 2014

Exhaustingly Home

Home is where I bark my dog, I mean bark my pike, um bark and bite, seesh... park my bike...

Riding my bicycle to the park and bark park and park park is exhausting. I wobble, stop and restart. I never thought re-learning to ride a bicycle after 40 something years would prove so ridiculously challenging. Furthermore, I am so exhausted from my short excursions that nothing else gets done.

Harley is famous. I was riding in the middle of nowhere on a dirt path figuring I was safe from traffic. Finally we came across 2 ladies walking 1 dog. As we rode past, one lady said "Oh look here come Harley on his bicycle."

No mention of the clown peddling with all her might trying to stay upright... I gave them a breathless smile (for not calling me a clown).

Life is goof!

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Life is goof!