Monday, December 01, 2014

Doggone Fun

Another fantastic day in paradise!

I woke up alive at dark thirty. Yippee! I popped up my window shades so I wouldn't miss sunrise. For some fool reason I get excited about the sun coming up. I just want to be thankful and dance! A new day is here and the sun made it up, my pulse is beating and well it's a miracle, a time to celebrate and be joyful. 

After only 1 cup of coffee, I managed to ride  my bicycle to the dog park and marveled at the beauty of this wondrous planet. Oops! Forgot the doggie! Guess I should have had TWO cups of coffee. Back at the motorhome, one enthusiastic (though confused) puppy happily climbed aboard the bicycle for a return trip to the dog park. 

Phew! That was exhausting. We were all alone but I was wore out and had my feet propped up in the dog park while Harley romped around off-leash entertaining himself. No one else was round. Finally a super shy dog we met last week came in with his chatty owner. She's a bit big for the small dog park, but she's too timid to go inside the big dog park, so we pretend she is a small dog and let her contentedly hang around the small dog park. 

This is maybe the 5th time we've run into this doggy. She is starting to come out of her shell a little. Usually she sits around dejectedly, shying away from other dogs and people. But today after about ten minutes of trying to disappear into the background, she went over to see what Harley was up to. This astonished me, her owner and Harley. 

Well, the long journey starts with the first step. We celebrated her major milestone. Obviously the dog park is good for her, she is finally making a timid step forward, out of her shell. Life is goof.

Speaking of unique dogs...

A few weeks ago, in a state of confusion and exhaustion, we ended up at A Big Wheel RV Park in Saint Marys, Georgia. They have a fabulous mascot who was quite comical in her own way. She took an instant liking to us and often visited on our camp site.

I had to photograph her, she was such a sweetie. She really does have four legs, you just can't see them when she sits down. 

We had a wonderful visit at that park, everyone was so super nice. I was sad to leave, but well I had prepaid reservations elsewhere that I eventually needed to attend to, and well, here I am.

If you don't know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else!

Matter of fact, I have to go on a little trip tomorrow, so no idea if I will get to post here or not. My GPS died, so Harley Dawg is going to have to do the navigating. Won't that be fun!

See ya round the campfire.

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