Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's Not April Fools

I've been writing erratically but much of my stuff is in woeful need of serious editing before I post it here. Lots of interruptions keep me confused. Either the internet is crashing or my computer does something erratic.

In the interim, Santa sent me an early elf to help out around the motorhome. I now have much needed assistance with some of the repair projects that require four hands, two brains, duct tape, paper clips, lots of good luck and a few curse words thrown in for good measure. What fun!

Murphy's law.
If I am ready to post on the internet, it crashes for the next 2 days.

I think technology is having a major meltdown or maybe it's just me and my old simple equipment. My phone doesn't take pictures or do text or reach the internet. It's supposed to make and receive calls.

When friends try to call me, my phone doesn't ring, it goes to voice mail. About 3-6 days later, my phone company alerts me that I have a voice mail message. Calling the phone company about this problem over and over does nothing to fix the issue.

However, when a wrong number or overseas law-breaking telemarketer calls my number, the phone ALWAYS rings.

How does that happen?

Lately one annoying wrong-number person with a slurred voice (drunk?) calls me about 3or 4am. I keep telling them to LOSE my number, who they want is not here, is never going to be here and getting their drunken calls in the middle of the night is no longer fun and entertaining. So why do they keep calling the same wrong number over and over?

Why doesn't my phone ring in the middle of the day when a friend tries to call me?

It's a dadgum mystery.

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