Monday, February 16, 2015

Music on a Budget

I discovered that by joining a local library, I could then go online to access that library. I don't have a car, so getting to and from a library building can be problematic. But I wanted to put music back in my life. 

For years I have lived in silence in tune with nature. I love listening to the birds tweeter but on the other hand, listening to noisy diesels in campgrounds isn't much fun either. With music, I get up and dance, I can focus on happiness much easier some days. So while I still enjoy the sounds of silence, I also enjoy music some days. Life is good both ways!

I drooled over the music offerings on Amazon. I am a music-aholic, I could easily spend a fortune on music, but *ahem* I am on an efficient budget so there just isn't room to buy music at this time. In other words, my annual budget for music is a big fat zero. 

Of course I've heard of illegal sources of obtaining music, but rotting away in jail for downloading illegal music, doesn't appeal to me either. My poor dog would be an orphan again and that would be super sad all around.

Well, lo and behold, I discovered that some libraries subscribe to Freegal Music. They in turn allow their library card holders to legally download some tunes each week. In my case, I can download 5 songs each week, at no charge. The library and freegal have legally made these arrangements. 

Do the math: 5 songs each week, is 250 songs per year. If an average album holds 10 songs, that is like buying 25 albums per year. If each song is on average 3 minutes each, that is about 13 hours of music per year free. Best of all, it fits my current budget guidelines. 

So now I listen to tunes, dance and smile. Life is oh so wonderful. 

Harley Dog relaxes to music outside.
He is a seat thief.
If you get up and leave your seat, he plops down presumably to keep it warm until your return.
I let him sit on the furniture outside and inside. He is such a tiny dog, it's safer for him and others if he isn't underfoot to be tripped over and injured. 

I enjoy bird watching and listening.
Sneaking up on a bird to catch a pic is not easy, but sometimes I get lucky. 


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