Sunday, February 08, 2015

Okey Dokey Hokey Pokey

Things are moo-ving along.

How utterly delightful you stopped by today.

So why did the cow cross the road?

To get to Cow-lifornia.

See ya round the campfire as soon as I find my mojo. 

Thank you for your love, support and patience. 

Life is goof... and then it got goofier. 

I am going to have my grump removed and get a replacement funny bone. That should keep me in stitches. 

Okey dokey, time for a rest. 

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  1. when i saw the cow and it was hard to miss, i thought where in the hell were you now. i know they have cattle in florida, just not usually in campgrounds. i assume you are in florida. maybe minnesota. idk.

    not in indiana. somebody here would put the cow in their barn to keep it safe until the owner happened by to ask about it. yeah right.

    i'd tell you to get well, i'm sure you will when you can.

    ice cream raz

  2. Where is your cow dog? Should be on duty keeping those herds out of the road? Lol.

    Enjoying your blog. Thanks for the entertainment!


Life is goof!