Thursday, February 19, 2015

Poop Can For Camping Dog Owners

What do a coffee can, a campground and a doggy have in common?

Dog poop!

Bet you never saw that coming...

99.9% of the campgrounds and RV parks request dog walkers to scoop the poop. While this is a minor hassle, it's no fun to be out strolling around stepping in it either, especially when RV folks tend to love traveling with pets. Sometimes it appears the pets outnumber the people in a campground, but this is just usually an illusion. The dog owners are out walking and the non-dog owners don't seem to walk much, if they walk at all. Some only walk from camper to car and back again. But hey, that's their choice.

When my neighbors walk their dog, they toss their bag of dog poop by their front door on the outside lawn in the campground. I assume they do this because they don't want the bag of dog poop inside their RV. Hopefully they plan to take the bags of dog poop to the dumpster one day.

Unfortunately I see this scene in many RV parks and campgrounds. I find it disgusting because very often the winds blow their bag(s) of dog poop away to another lot or the street or the water.

Today I saw someone's dog poop bag get blown across the park and into the lake. Obviously they tied a really tight knot, leaving air inside the dog poop bag. Now the bag of dog poop is floating on the lake, smack dab in the middle.  I don't see anyone making any effort to rescue it. Then a bag of dog poop came rolling across my lot. No one came by to retrieve it, so I stuffed it in my can.

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Why even bother scooping the poop if one can't be bothered to dispose of the final bag properly? Tsk tsk tsk.

I have an outdoor trash can with a tight snap fitting lid. I made it myself on arts and crafts day. Well, that's what I call it when I am busying upcycling garbage for useful items. Yepper, I'm a fruit loop!

It's great for holding dog poop bags and other errant outdoor garbage that blows onto my lot or if I am outside doing projects, it catches the garbage for me. I like th tight fitting lid, because the wind can't blow the garbage out of it. On super windy days, I sometimes have to put a rock on top of it, to keep it from blowing away, but the winds have to be pretty strong to require that.

I tend to carry my garbage out every day anyhow, sometimes twice a day. I prefer carrying little grocery bags of garbage over accumulating a mammoth sized bag. Grocery bags are free (with the purchase of groceries) so I don't have to buy garbage bags. There is no where to store garbage in my motorhome except inside a cabinet under the sink and that cabinet is so very small, I use a small can that fits the grocery bags perfectly. I am happy to recycle my grocery bags this way.

When I am carrying out the garbage, I empty my outdoor can into the little grocery garbage bag then tie a knot in it, walking the dog and the garbage to the dumpster area. Matter of fact, I hang around the dumpster area for a few minutes to encourage my doggy to do his business there before we walk some more. This is rather handy.  I can scoop and toss his stuff right into the dumpster. Some days this works fine, other days he chooses to wait until we are far from the dumpster to leave his deposit. I scoop that up and carry it home with me if I don't pass a dumpster in route.

I don't throw my dog poop on the ground, I put it in my outdoor trash bin.

I made my outdoor trash can out a big coffee can. I stuck an extra coffee can lid on the bottom, because I hate rust rings. Then on a whimsy I bought some wide decorative tape for $1 at Dollar Tree. I used up about 5 cents worth of tape covering the coffee can. Now it looks festive and can sit on the table outside looking more like a pretty canister than a can of coffee holding garbage and dog poop bags.

Occasionally a raccoon comes by, thinking there might be food in the can. I saw one out the window, one day pry open the coffee can, then run off in disgust when he got a whiff of the dog poop bag inside. I laughed so hard my picture came out too fuzzy to publish here.

Sometimes when I have an extra coffee can, I make a pretty outdoor can to give to another dog owner. This gift has been met with both delight and other times confusion. I thought it was a great idea but some folks think I'm a bit loopy.

Life is goof!

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