Wednesday, February 01, 2017

20% Off Food

My budget has changed dramatically because my income has spiraled downward when I am working hard to make it come back up to an efficient existence. But such is the complexities of living in America with a body that is thinking up new ways to torture me.

I've  been battling for my life, plus patching up the old RV and sometimes it all takes money too. I scour around looking for ways to slash expenses, avoid costs, make do AND be happy about it all! But I love food, and enjoy eating. Ha ha ha, I think most of us do!

Smile! I woke up alive and life is awesome. I still have an addled brain, I can figure this out, given enough time.

I tried the Walmart $10 coupon for online grocery ordering with free pickup. Delivery is extra.

How it works

It worked pretty nicely though Walmart has a long ways to go on getting this set up efficiently. It started when I received a $10 coupon which required an online grocery purchase of $50 or more from Walmart.

I went through their site, picked out $50.63 of groceries, then took the $10 off leaving $40.63 due. There is no sales tax on food in Florida where I shopped.

We drove to pick up the order. They have a smart phone ap, but I have a dumb phone, so I called in person to let them know I was on my way. The cheerful lady told me to pull in to Walmart to the designated pickup area, which in this case was on the left side of the building. There was parking for 5 vehicles to pickup. We were the only one,

She showed up a moment later pulling a cart with the groceries. We signed for them and drove away. Never set foot in the store.

As a bonus, they gave us two small cloth gift bags with treats such as water, cookies, mixed nuts, a snack munchie bar and strangely some samples of Splendide which I refuse to touch and regifted. The gift bags were the smaller cloth kind for shopping. Harley dog likes the small cloth bags cause he needs toys and treats of his own for his humans to carry around for him when he goes out and about. Matter of fact, Harley gave the nice lady an enthusiastic welcome when she brought out the groceries, he was literally jumping for joy.

Walmart doesn't have everything on the online ordering for groceries yet. I hope they strive to improve this, but they did have a huge selection including fresh produce, organic items and lots of other choices.

Now, I can offer YOU a $10 coupon. When you claim it, I get a new $10 coupon also. SO we BOTH save $10.

Pretty nifty!

If you buy exactly $50 in groceries, then the coupon savings work out to 20%. Not bad!

So claim you coupon today, and I will get one too.


Get your $10 coupon with this link. 

It worked for me and it was kind of fun.

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  1. That is pretty good, the Walmarts here haven't started this yet. You can order items like house hold and other such items and have them delivered to the store at no charge to be picked up. Safeway grocery stores I believe have this set up and will deliver for a small fee. I hope someone takes you up on your offer.


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