Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mystery In The Campground

Brick Mystery

Who goes camping with this many bricks?

How many bricks do you carry camping?

I carry exactly zero.

But my camp lot came with a load of bricks in a custom cart. These were all used bricks. Like someone tore down their brick and mortar barbecue to bring it out camping. For reassembly?

Now that's an interesting approach to the idea of camping lightly. Don't leave home without your used barbecue bricks.

The cart kind of bordered between my lot and the next. All the sites here are laid out erratically, so the dotted line between sites is extremely vague. Most neighbors make it work agreeably since the lots are mostly generous.

People were asking me almost daily "Are those your bricks? Where did they come from? Whose bricks are those? Have you called the office?"

I ignored the bricks. People would stop by and sometimes take a brick or two. I didn't call the office. The bricks were pretty quiet. They weren't in my way. They weren't noisy.

Campers came. Campers went.

Everyone kept asking about the bricks.

Finally new neighbors came from the great white north to camp on the adjacent lot for a few months. They did not like the bricks. Why are these bricks here? Who do they belong to? Have you called the office? We don't like those bricks here.

They called the office. Come gets these bricks we do not like.

Maintenance management came and stared at the bricks. They drove in their little club car all around the bricks giving them a good long stare.

They groaned and drove off in their little club car.

The bricks stayed. The neighbors complained.

A week or so later, different maintenance workers drove up in their club car. They gaped at the bricks. They rolled their eyes and drove off in their little club car leaving the bricks exactly where they found them.

The bricks went through several days of stormy weather.

More maintenance workers came to glare at the bricks. They tried to tow the handmade cart with a rope but the flat tire wouldn't let the heavily laden cart budge even a half inch. Nobody knew how to tie a proper knot for towing anyhow.

They drove off without any bricks. The bricks stayed. The neighbors complained.

A few days later two club cars and four workers came back to glower at the bricks. Eventually they moved a bunch of bricks from the little cart to their little club cart. They moved maybe ten percent of the bricks over the course of several hours. They drove away with their small bounty.

A day or so later they came back and pumped up the flat tire. Finally they were able to tow off the rest of the bricks.

No one knows when the bricks appeared. No one knows how the bricks got here. No one knows who they originally belonged to. No one knows why the bricks were here at all or who left them behind. Did they just fall out of the sky one day?

I was camped here for over 8 weeks with the mystery bricks. They never bothered me.

The neighbors still ask about the bricks. What happened to the bricks? Did someone take them away? Who did those bricks belong to? Where did they go?

An unsolved brick mystery.

We may never know the truth.

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  1. It doesn't look that much of a mystery. The bricks are probably from a demolished house and the camp seemed to be the proper place for the workers to discard them. The management of the camp should have investigated the matter, otherwise it will repeat itself.


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