Thursday, February 16, 2017

Resting Up

Harley has taken over my chair when he's not sleeping on top of me.

I've caught some awful bug I can't seem to shake loose.

Every few hours I go back to bed. I lay on my side, staring out the window at my lonely bicycle. Harley climbs on top of my rib cage and guards me.

We both miss the bicycle. We were traveling to the dog park daily with it.

Some days the dog park is empty and Harley has no little dogs to race with. He loves to show off that he is the fastest in the pack. He also has the most stamina. As the other dogs fall out of the race, he is the last to stop. He looks so triumphant at this accomplishment!

When the dog park is empty, we bring out the ball and play fetch.

It took some effort to teach him fetch a few years ago. With loads of encouragement and treat rewards, he got the hang of playing fetch with a ball. He needs a load of exercise daily. Walking 10 miles is fun for him, but not for me. So I taught him games that involve running.

Lots of running.

Next we moved up to Frisbee playing. He loves this! Most times he is dragging a 20 foot rope with him too. There is a grassy green area in front of my RV site. We let him drag the rope and run fetch Frisbee. He brings it back and we toss again. Back and forth he runs so happy he can play Frisbee. Most times I throw it 50-60 feet and he races after it, dragging his rope. So far no one has complained. PHEW! When he is tired out, we tie the rope up to the motorhome.

Now he plays fetch for the sheer fun of it and I don't have to have a bowl full of treats to entice him with. Oh he still gets treats.

Yeah. He is a tad spoiled.

Last night he had lasagna. Another night he had mac and cheese.

The little piglet eats wet food, dry food, people food and dog treats too. Yet he is holding steady at barely six and a half pounds.

He is a joy to have around or a pain in the elbow. But I love the little bugger anyhow.

Travels with Harley.

Life is goof.

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