Thursday, February 23, 2017

Should I be worried?

Harley ran away today.

I didn't even notice.

Bad mommy!

Some how "hound-dini" managed to slip off his leash and tether then trot over to his friend's RV. My friend never heard or saw him walk up. Suddenly Harley was in his lap with his tongue triumphantly hanging out!

I thought Harley was being a nice doggy. Quietly playing on his tethered leash on my lot in the RV campground.

My friend looked around for me to show up, but I was no where around.

Finding a spare leash, he walked his dog and my dog back to my RV spot.

I was so embarrassed.

Bad doggy!

I told my friend "That's the third time today I've given him away but people just keep bringing him back!"

Maybe Harley is getting wild ideas from a new doggy in the park. His new best friend.

One that is more worldly than Harley.

Here is his picture.

 Should I be worried?

I mean I want my little pooch to have friends, but this one does look um... a bit different in lifestyle tastes. Adventurous yes, but what's he hiding behind those shades?

Should I be worried?

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