Monday, February 06, 2017

Living the Dream

Living the dream!

Sometimes I snap candid photos of my galley for fun and mayhem.

Life in motion.

The tiny sand dollar is a fond memory of my favorite place in the whole wide world.

My kitchen wall has not come tumbling down in spite the mountain of baskets, condiments, utensils, spices, lists, magnet holder, hooks, dishes, chopping board, clock, thermometers, coffee pot and general chaos.

The stove is covered with a pot of boiling eggs, in back is a metal tray with carafes of purified water for drinking and cooking. I make my own purified water with a super wonderful Berkey system that is so simple it requires no electricity, no plumbing, no water pressure. It works on gravity with the aid of amazing renewable ceramic type fixtures. It's portable so in the event of disaster, it can be relocated to a nearby stream, river or lake.

The small white 1.5 quart crockpot is cooking the latest dried bean dish. The dish drainer is never empty. As quick as dishes are put away, more appear to wash and dry. The long skinny basket on the end of the counter holds apples, an avocado and usually a few bananas. The other tiny basket holds my dish washing soap, a small bottle I refill as needed plus my sponge. The white plastic basket of spoons belongs in the drawer, not the counter, but the drawer is outside being painted as we speak.

That huge white cutting board hiding the second sink, also hides dirty dishes waiting to be washed. I never cut on that white board. I want to keep it very new looking without any cut marks. That is because it's the first thing I see when I walk in the door and where whatever is in my hands at the time, gets dumped for future sorting and storage. When I need the second sink, I just set it aside and use both sinks at once as needed. I have a nice bamboo chopping board on the wall that I put on the white counter board to chop with. If I need a huge board, well I have those flexible roll up cutting boards to protect my pristine white non-cutting board that I use as a counter top extension and sink cover.

It's funny that while taking this picture, my favorite drinking cup is sitting there wrapped in a worn out cozie that reads LIVING THE DREAM. It holds a stainless steel tumbler that is 12 ounces. I have four of those that live in the freezer door when they are not stuck in a cozie for drinking water etc. I bought them early on for my RV and they've held up beautifully all these years.

My built in coffee pot is on it's last legs, it leaks like crazy once the water is added, so I make coffee in a hurry then turn it off and reheat it cup by cup as desired. The carafe doesn't leak but the innards seem to be disintegrating. I am afraid that one day soon I shall have to uninstall it. It's the original 1994 coffee maker!

In the rear is my bed which is built in on three sides. It's a bear to make up.

It has lots of pillows and a big fluffy comforter. I have medical problems that can be super painful. In those times I can prop up in bed with pillows to make my own reclining lounge chair. It also has a heated mattress cover, so I can use the heat for therapy or for warmth on chilly nights.

I am so lucky the bed has 3 big windows around it, so I am not depressed if I am forced into bed to recuperate more than I prefer.

Take a good long look at my cabinet doors. These are in the process of being painted in an off white color to see if that brightens up the place and gives me a new look. I would love to paint it all in off white, but that's not happening.

Over seven long years in this tiny motorhome!

I am always trying to fix it up, repair it, maintain it and sometimes redecorate to keep from being tired of it. Because I have no car, I spend an inordinate amount of time at home.

I hope to live to a 100 just to see what happens next.

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