Saturday, February 04, 2017

RV Spots

I'm alive and moving around.

The days fly by as I try to cram so much into each day.


I went on a road trip with a friend to go look at some other RV parks. What we found were tiny crammed spots for hermetically sealed living without nature.

I want nature, trees, grass and minimal pavement plus a neighborhood to ride my bicycle around.

I guess there is a huge market for cramping, if you want to sit in your RV all day with the windows closed up tight and a view of the TV rather than a view of nature. Some spaces were so tight you could pass the salt to your neighbor by just opening the window!

No idea where I will end up.

Life is goof.

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  1. How many people would even agree to disconnect from all their electronics even at a campground. When you can sit and look at your phone every few minutes and keep in touch with your very best friends, with one eye on the TV, then you won't notice how close your neighbors are!


Life is goof!