Friday, June 23, 2017

A Beautiful Life

The past 2 months I have so enjoyed these morning glories. According to Amazon which sells the seeds,  these are Moonflower  "Night Bloomers" (Ipomoea alba). 

Each night I would go outside to check on the flowers. It was amazing how brilliant they shined in the dark.

Janet posted a comment on Call Me Crazy (an earlier blog posting)
Ah, morning glories! They are one of my first flower memories. We lived in a duplex next to a first grade teacher who planted heavenly blue morning glories. She trained them up twine at the edge of the porch. I thought they were the most beautiful flower in the world. She also planted petunias which bloomed in the hot Louisiana summers. I also remember the fragrant encounter of my first gardenia and admiring a lantana flower I found by the roadside. It is crazy for someone to thoughtlessly chop down a beautiful flower in bloom. I am glad they listened to you. on Call Me Crazy

Beautiful 5-6-inch blossoms are closed all day until sunset when the flowers open
Frequently visited by night pollinators
Annual in the North, perennial in milder areas
Moonflower is one of the most romantic plants you can grow in the garden. It's a statuesque, ideal evening-garden plant bearing large trumpet-shape flowers that unfurl in the evening (or on overcast days) and stay open until the sun rises. Some are sweetly fragrant when open. This beautiful plant is also very heat- and drought-resistant
Arizona Department of Agriculture prohibits sale of Morning Glories into Arizona 

 Canal sunsets at Zachary Taylor in Okeechobee, Florida

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It's another gorgeous day on planet earth.

Smile! Rejoice!

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