Monday, June 26, 2017


Lately it's been one little disaster after the next. I could talk about it here and get us all depressed, but I'd rather just laugh about it.

Another great mis-adventure! Um make that plural...

Now onto lucky news.

Look what I found at the dump!

Two cast aluminum chairs that with a bit of silicone resumed rocking, rotating and swiveling.

The cushions at the dump were way past ugly, I felt sorry for whoever lived with those hideous cushions. I left those at the dumpster. Yuck. Yuck Yuck. I hope I didn't catch cooties handling them!

Sure, the chairs could use some cleaning and painting. More to do, on another day. Well I did clean them up, but no paint yet.

sunbrella cast aluminum chairs

sunbrella cast aluminum chairs
 What made these chairs a super lucky find is that a friend of mine has been threatening to give me a stack of thick cushions in case I could use them. They got the cushions for free when helping somebody move that didn't want them anymore.

It's well known I am a pillow-o-holic, but honestly, my wheel estate can not handle one more pillow or cushion. I think I have um, about 19 pillows living in my rig. Of course some are in the guest loft where the spare bunk holds occasional company. Then Harley dog has a few pillows, I sit on a special one to drive, then my bunk is full of  assorted pillows depending on if I am sitting up on laying down.

I like my padded cell. Keeps me from injuring myself. Tee hee hee.

What would-I-could-I do with big thick Sunbrella cushions? I had no idea until I found these chairs. I also didn't realize the cushions were hinged in the middle (sewn together) until I finally saw them.

Funny stuff.

I had never seen the cushions my friend had either. So when they brought the cushions over, we were both astonished. They fit beautifully and these chairs needed big thick cushions. Flimsy thin ones just wouldn't work.

Sunbrella is pricey fabric but the absolute BEST when it comes to outdoor use. All the boaters use Sunbrella, well 99% do if they know what's good for them. Sunbrella can last over 20 years. It was invented in Anderson, SC about 40 miles from where I grew up. No one has been able to duplicate their process.

So now I have more cushions and chairs to hold them. Whee!

Serendipitously the free Sunbrella cushions fit the dumpster chairs. How does that work? Angels everywhere looking out for this fool.

sunbrella cast aluminum chairs

Now what's an RV-er going to do with these big comfy free patio chairs?

Well, I am probably going to park long term for awhile. Sure I might sneak off on a trip here and yonder, but my body needs a break. I am having trouble keeping up with day to day life. So maybe it's time to make a subtle change.

Rent a patio! Park the chairs.

Sounds like a plan...

Know what's so cool?

sunbrella cast aluminum chairs

These near identical cast aluminum chairs sell for $799 at Amazon.  (And their fabric isn't even Sunbrella.) That would have added to the cost.

In the Caribbean where I lived many many moons, we would say "Dat be some good dumpster diving, mon!"


  1. Why can't I ever find such great stuff, they look so comfy

  2. I couldn't resist commenting. Very well written!


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