Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Madness

I wrote this last Friday to post today on Monday because I expect Tuesday to be the earliest for me to have internet access.


Me too!

A tree branch came crashing down and  tore a new hole in my awning last week. The sound it made frightened the dog and I, we thought aliens had landed on our roof. I need to tape it up, but it's hard to reach. I need one of my arms to grow a few feet in a hurry and the other one to extend 10 feet around the awning so I can press on one side while sticking tape on the other.

The fridge repairman never came back to complete his repairs. Very frustrating. He and his partner just seem to enjoy making up fairy tales. How do you run a business that way?

An angel is loaning me their electric cooler soon, so I am excited and humbled by their generosity. I had the same unit on my sailboat years ago when I lived aboard it in far flung ports while working. Matter of fact by the time you get to read this I may already have it up and running. Something will be cold around here! I shall make them lunch or dinner or both.

I eat at home 99.9% of the time, so having a fridge is indeed fun.

OK let me go see if I can post this for Monday on Friday.

Thank you for stopping by!

Life is goof. 

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