Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Quick Quack

Ducks woke me up at the quack of dawn.

Later one duck was running in circles for hours.

Perhaps he had quacked up.

These ducks are recovering addicts.

They used to be quackheads.

"Quick quick!  Quick, quick!  Quick, quick!"

Aw, the poor wittle ducky has the hiccups.

An anonymous reader sent me a little yellow duck.

He was so cute.

I put him in the shower with me.

I seriously needed to wash and condition my hair.

I closed my eyes to get my hair good and wet.

Reaching out blindly for the shampoo bottle, I couldn't find it.

I opened my eyes.

The shampoo was gone.

Matter of fact, so was the conditioner, soap, wash cloth, bath towel, shower curtain, floor mat and my new duck.

That's when I realized my anonymous benefactor had sent me a robber duck!

What the duck was that all about?

Speaking of being careful while bathing...

This hot duck is made for safety. 

If the bath water is too hot for baby or pet or you, the word "HOT" will appear in white letters. When the water has cooled, the "HOT" will disappear.

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