Monday, October 08, 2018

Hurricane Michael and Car Schlopping

Hurricane Michael could be here mid week with torrential rains and 100mph winds.

My hurricane plans are being hastily slapped together. Not much to do. I can't evacuate. No car. No motorhome. No dog crate for the hurricane shelter. Besides, no time to train dog to live in crate. He has never been boxed up. Doggy and I will ride out the hurricane at home and pray for the best. Hopefully it will just miss us completely.

I've been emptying out my shed, trying to sell things to save up for a car. That means my beautiful potted plants could possibly hide in the shed and maybe survive too.

When I bought this old 5th wheel, I thought once I sold the old motorhome, I would be able to buy a hunk of a clunker to drive if needed. I need a car maybe once a week at most. But the 5th wheel I bought had quite a few surprises and then my old rig (my ailing failing body) decided to put up a fuss about daily living.

Occasionally I waste my time looking at cars for sale on craigslist. If anything, it gives me quite a giggle, but so far, no car.

Besides, it's kind of hard to go buy a car without transportation to go look at them. I did have a sweet deal on a borrowed car I used to "rent" but the delightful owner has now moved far away. There was another person that promised to sell me his old 5 speed (manual transmission) car at a whale of a deal. The next day when I went back with cash, he was nowhere to be found. Several days of trying to catch him at home proved fruitless. Then I found out he had passed away.

Today I found several bargains to choose from!

I posted excerpts from the ads then made my notes in italics.

2000 VW Golf 4 door 1.9L TDI diesel $500 (Summerfield)
Took the two drivers side doors, the bumper and the hood. Everything else is there. 

Only missing a few parts, nothing critical.

Only $50 (but it's a toy car listed with the autos for sale!)

Even as a toy it's a bit spendy, especially since it's already been wrecked. 

1999 Nissan Altima - $800                                                                         
The car runs, and it sometimes even starts immediately, but there will be times when it struggles.

I struggle to keep my ribs from hurting, but I enjoyed the laugh.

1000 OBO. Serious inquiries only                                                                        
Some kind of electrical problem, loses power completely randomly and won't start.                                                                         
Front seat won't raise into upright position. Has a bug problem.                                                                         
Runs great.

Won't start, but it runs great? Seriously? How do you push start an automatic transmission?

Dodge pickup $550 (lecanto)                                                                        
1974 Dodge pickup. Complete truck. 318 automatic trans. Truck ran when parked. Tires are bad.

Parked 8 years ago, only used for a few crimes and target practice.

Stop running 2days ago. I was told it needs lots of work on the modem or possible need to a new modem. The interior of the van needs a good handyman.

It probably needs "mo're dem" parts...

THANKS for stopping by today.


  1. Do a search on cars for the needy. There are a number of programs to help disabled etc people to either get or find a reliable car. In Texas people will donate their old car and have them refurbished for those who need one.

  2. Good grief they need to pay someone to take them away LOL. I sure hope the hurricane passes around you.


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