Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Shattering the Morning Calm

It's a beautiful day for a hurricane.

Hopefully it will stay away from us, but the forecasters are often wrong, there could be some last minute  wobbling.

Matter of fact the category 2 they predicted for hurricane Michael is now a whopping category 4.

Normally I hear birds going nonstop in the mornings. Today they are nearly silent. Did they flee the area? I hear a lone forlorn chirping, like a baby bird was left behind.

It's all clear here for now. Soon as I can get this pile of bones moving, I am hauling out the garbage and double checking my water tank to make sure it's full. Doubtful we will have any effects other than rains, but our well water in the RV park goes off when the power is off, so having a tank of water and 12 volt pump is ideal. I no longer have a generator, but I have batteries hooked into my 12 volt system for lights, water pump and running propane fridge.

I woke up early with a huge pile of mobility problems. My biggest problem is I need to learn to say NO. Somehow I got swept up into helping others, nothing wrong with that!  But my body is beat to pieces from helping others out recently.

While trying to make coffee and put away some hand washed dishes, I shattered a Corelle plate into a thousand bits and pieces that landed on the counter, in the counter basket, on the kitchen floor, on the step stool, in the dining area vinyl and carpet, on the dining chair, on the dining table and some bounced as far as the living room carpet too.

Corelle is very tough and virtually impossible to break, but somehow I managed to do the impossible.

I am super woman!

Rvers favor Corelle because it stacks up neatly taking minimal space. It goes into the oven, microwave, fridge and dishwasher. It's lightweight. Very difficult to chip or break. Most of my Corelle came from Thrift stores. Over the years RVing, I have managed to collect up assorted sized bowls, plates and serving/cooking pieces.

If you are trying to match up old discontinued Corelle or want something super unique, check out Replacements Ltd. They have tons of Corelle in current and discontinued patterns, shapes, sizes.

While thinking about cleaning up this monumental mess, making matters worse... there is no where inside my current RV to store tall things like a broom. I was unable to make it down the steps and out to the storage shed to fetch a broom until 2 hours later.

My body just would not cooperate with walking or steps. I may need a ramp at some point in the future, but the cost is so prohibitive that it's far down at the bottom of the list.

Luckily my broom is a rubber broom from Amazon. Most Americans are clueless what a rubber broom is, but let me tell you, it's the thing to own for multi-tasking. When I first relocated to America, I looked in many stores for a rubber broom and asked around. No one seemed to know WHAT I was talking about.

It sweeps floors, wet or dry, it sweeps carpet, yes! Carpet!  It can collect pet and human hair off carpets and upholstery. It sweeps wet leaves outside, pushes water, squeegees water. Imagine if you shattered a glass full of milk, a rubber broom is the perfect tool to corral and clean the mess up quickly.

Mine flips over as a rubber squeegee on one side and a broom on the other side. The broom washes clean, looking new again after each use. The rubber bits do not fall out like regular brooms.

To be fair, mine came with an extendable handle, so yes I can take it apart and store it in bits inside the RV, but lately it's been living fully assembled in the storage shed. I may have to rethink that if I continue to flail around smashing things.

Some days my body has different ideas about how to move about and behave.  Tsk tsk tsk.

Life is goof.

In case you are wondering about that rug... It's a cheap knockoff of  a traditional Persian design that looks very realistic. I am super impressed with it. When I first bought this RV, the dining area carpet had hideous stains and horrible cigarette burns. I bought this carpet to hide the mess because it was too painful to look at. My 4x6 rug was only $39 from A2Z rugs at Amazon.

Since then I've tried to level up the floor (it was at a slope) rip out the damaged carpet area, replace with a vinyl remnant I got for super cheap. That left the rug homeless, but I decided to put it back in the dining area to enjoy the look and feel.

Doggy loves to sit on it too.


  1. I am thinking of you and this last hurricane and hope it passes you by. I have relatives in South Carolina who may get a lot of rain and loss of electricity. It has been a hard year.

  2. Sounds like you made it thru the storm ok... Supposed to pass over me around 2 a.m. ... Fingers crossed !!
    Lynn in GA

  3. Wish you had shown a picture of your rubber broom.
    Sounds very handy!

  4. I have broken corolla plates. myself and was amazed at the slivers it broke into. Worry about my doggies paws and chase them away. I do bought that rubber broom from is a life saver. PS I got a teeny piece of that glass in the ball of my foot and it was HELL to get out mainly because I couldn't haul my foot up into my lao...had to have a friend the extraction. I am old, diabetic and stiff in the knees...I feel for you !!


Life is goof!