Monday, October 29, 2018

Cold and Warm

Another beautiful day in paradise.

From 88 sweltering humidity to 54 cold to the bone chilliness.

The southerners in Florida are cold. The northern snowbirds declare it's "mild".

I need it to warm up so I can finish washing the green slime off the side of the RV.

It was so cold, I was able to use my fireplace to warm up!

Today's trivia...

What is 14.7"L x 7.87"W x 9.76"H and only 12 pounds?

This cute electric fireplace heater that is perfect for motorhomes, campers, tiny home living and tight RV's. Any kind of tiny home living. Sneak one into your office and bring some cozy joy to chilly feet. It has two 750 watt heaters, so you can have 750 or 1500 watts of heat. 

It's so small, you can probably put one in your RV bedroom. 


The walk from the dumpster to the RV park includes a nice expanse of grass.  Photo taken September 20, 2018.

Many of the RV lots are shady while others get full sun.

My lot is a canopy of oak and cedar trees.

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