Friday, November 02, 2018

Gotta Laugh

When things don't go right and it all seems wrong, find a way to laugh it up!

Remember the 50's and 60's when campers matched their vehicles?

 Rving can fit all types of budgets and creative minds.

 Just a reminder that cat and dog doors aren't all they are cracked up to be.

It's good to always travel with duck tape.
Just in case.

Cheaper by the dozen.
Or where to stash all those children.

Even if your RV lot is very small, you can work around that and still have a bit more room. 

Oh yes.
Let's get away from it all.
While take it all with us. 

If gas prices seem to high, try hay for horses. 

My Harley dog wants his own camper.
Gotta love the double axle!

Probably not an advertisement that U-Haul approved. 

Now here's a fresh look at an economical toy hauler. 

See ya round the campfire!

Speaking of campfires... forget the mess, get a super simple propane fire pit. 

Thank you for stopping by! Dear Miss Mermaid is recuperating and rambling around.

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