Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Living Room for $14

My 5th wheel RV came with a woefully underfurnished living area. The prior owners had stripped it for the owner's hospice room.

I was left with one piece of furniture;  a jumbo leather couch that has two hidden recliner chairs at either end. They are super comfy and recline to several positions including flat for sleeping.

From my old motorhome, I had moved over some mirrors, my hats, hooks, baskets and eclectic art work.  When one of my neighbor's passed away, her caretaker gave me a small square delightful oil painting and double basket I was fond of. I had one small mermaid throw pillow.

A year later, I have completed my living area. My total cash spent comes to $14.

$4 Two big throw pillows (Thrift shop)
$10 Rattan Swivel Rocking Chair (Thrift shop)
$23 Amazon Warehouse Discounted Chair Cushion (Free, using amazon points)
$55 Hourglass Table  (Free, using amazon points)
$0 Round Table (Free for the asking, neighbor was throwing out)
$34 Table top 30 inch (Free, using amazon points)
$18 Mosaic Table Cover (Free using amazon points)

Total Cash Cost $14

The large round dining table I was given, originally came with a drop leaf table top that proved to be too big for my intended use as a side table and sometimes desk. From Amazon I was able to order a smaller 30" round table top. The oak drop leaf table top was removed. It is now used outdoors on top of an old small camping table as a base. Rather than refinish the new table top, I chose to install a vinyl faux mosaic cover. Everyone that sees the table remarks on the beauty and no one realizes it's not real until inspecting it closely.

While the windows came with huge overpowering window valances, I removed them all, preferring the extra  natural light their removal afforded.

The hourglass table is very handy as a TV tray for dining alone. It's easily moved around to where ever it it handiest. The tiny night light  lamp sitting on it came with the original RV equipment when it was new.

A load of patience, several visits to assorted thrift shops and finally I can say "my living area seems complete, cozy and comfortable."

The amazon points used to pay for the orders were earned by using my amazon credit card to pay for utilities, RV park owner dues, food, insurance and supplies.

The rest required an outlay of $14 in cash.

I am pleased with the end result.

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