Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Comfy, Cool and Clean

I've been patiently dealing with the refrigerator situation. What fun!

The old one has finally been uninstalled and hauled away.

Angels are helping me get a new one all sorted out. THANK YOU!

Luckily I have a borrowed dorm type fridge about 2-3 cubic feet. I've been spoiled to have temporary access to refrigeration.

The refrigerator is on order and due to arrive sometime between next week and the week after around December 5th. Maybe it has to be shipped from overseas?

Anyhow, I will be glad to have it around when it arrives.

For good measure my bathtub faucet broke. Like it was jealous. Might as well have some plumbing problems thrown into the mix.

Never a dull moment! 

On a funny note, I had dinner for 5 friends during this chaos and it worked out marvelously except I forgot that sunset comes so early!

I had planned to feed my friends al fresco since the weather was lovely. I can seat 6 guests outdoors at a round table my neighbor gave me when she moved. Indoors is a little more tricky as both my indoor tables are small. I would have to put 2-3 at each table rather than have us all at one table.

When we sat down outside, it became dark rather early even though dinner was for 5pm. I forgot that the days are getting shorter and it was dark pretty soon. I had forgotten to work out lighting.


I grabbed some flashlights and strung them from the umbrella shading the table. It was embarrassing, but everyone was laughing about the situation. We had a mountain of food and loads of fun gossiping and giggling. Two men, three women, all of us single RV-ers.

Weather was perfect, not hot, not cold. Now I read the weather report and we are going down to 34 effing degrees tomorrow night!  WOW! This is Florida. But in a few days we will bounce back to 80F degrees. PHEW!

I've been looking for some fat comfy pillows for my sofa. I have a regulation throw pillow with a mermaid on it. But recently while at a thrift store I found these big fluffy pillows that suit my colors and lifestyle. This sofa has two hidden recliners that are super comfortable.

However, when I recline, I often need a pillow for my head so that I can stare at the TV or out the window rather than at the ceiling. Sometimes when I am sitting and not reclining, I like a fat pillow to use as an arm rest.

I sniffed these pillows figuring I would have to take them to a jumbo washer at the laundromat to clean them but surprisingly they smelled freshly laundered. What luck!

All that for $2.00

Yes. That pacifier belongs to my doggy. The little table lamp is original equipment that came with the RV when it was new in 1992.

Rhonda has worked tirelessly for  nearly a year now vacuuming the white carpet daily. She is a huge help in my daily cleaning schedule. She has also located lost keys and spare change. Recently she tried to swallow my socks, but immediately stopped working with a one word complaint. "ERROR!"

Life is goof!

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Life is goof!