Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hard Water Easy Solution

I am more or less stationary for awhile.

Last year I bought a 5th wheel with washer, dishwasher, full bath etc. I eat at home so my kitchen sink is very busy.

Now I live in a semi-hard water area with a deep well. Rig was bought from an area with even harder water.

I've looked at the hassle of salt water softener and also studied hard water conditioning which is a different technique.

After weeks of research, I decided to go with a Georgia company and install an electronic descaler water conditioner.


Installing it was simple enough. I was lucky in that my basement provided a nearby 110 outlet which is critical since the unit  needs power. The first few weeks not much happened except it seemed like I detected a sulfur odor when I returned from an outing such as dog walking.

This might have been coincidental but this park does rely on a deep well for water and it might have been the conditioner kicking in.

A few weeks go by and the shower water starts feeling really rough! Like I am being spit at with sandy water. I soaked the shower head and other sink aerators in vinegar overnight to remove hard water build up. The sandy sensation didn't last long, but apparently this  descaler conditioner loosens up hard water deposits from the plumbing and moves them out.

Another few weeks go by and the sandy water went away and was replaced with super soft silky feeling water. I can feel and see the difference in my long hair. The washing machine is also making suds, not a lot but certainly more than before. I don't use softener with my clothes though I used to use vinegar in a downy ball auto releaser. However now, there is no need for that and I continue to dry my clothes without a softener sheet.

I was vigorously cleaning everything that had hard water stains. Now it's a breeze to keep things clean and hard water free. I wash my sink areas and then dry with a microfiber cloth. My sink and faucets look shiny new again. My volume of water has improved because the plumbing on this 25 year old rig is not clogged up with hard water deposits anymore.

I am THRILLED with my choice and find the price I paid of $149.99 to be entirely reasonable, given my fabulous results. If you are fed up with hard water problems, give this a try.

There are many systems on the market but I chose this Georgia company that specialized in water treatments.

iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner

I also use an instant hot pot to make French press coffee. Normally this needs descaling often but since I put in this conditioner, it doesn't seem to need descaling anymore.

Honestly, I don't know why I waited so long to do this. The benefits are SO worth it!

I have long hair and what a difference with both my skin and my hair. The bath water feels different. I am a happy camper!


  1. We have hard well water too.
    It seems like this De Scaler would really clog up all the faucets
    and appliances while its de scaling, possibly even ruin them.
    Didn't happen to you?


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