Monday, November 12, 2018

Too Many Emergencies

For the past year I've chased around fixing up my body and also repairing this old fifth wheel.

I feel very fortunate to be alive and smiling!

Yesterday out of the clear blue my refrigerator decided to just POOF up and die.

How sad!

I've been through troubleshooting and still nothing. Read manual from side to side and tried everything. Even went on RV forum to try for solutions there.

My favorite RV repairman got himself in a spot of trouble and he may not be in business anymore.

Meanwhile I moved my food to the community fridge which is about 10 minute walk. Hoping no one steals it but if they do c'est la vie.

I have a borrowed cooler fridge but it is not coming on. Directions say if it is not cooling to turn it upside down for 2 hours then try again. I am on the second upside down for 2 hours trial.

Measuring my fridge cut out for possible electric only refrigerator replacement. Looks like only thing that will fit is  4 cubic foot fridge and mine is 6 cubic foot. So I might be downsizing. 

There is one more troubleshooting to try but I need help from fearless soul.

My emergency fund is just completely drained. I've had way too many emergencies this year.

So I must come up with plan B.

I love my little old RV home, I was so excited to have it about finished more or less. Just some plumbing problems that are semi urgent that I keep putting off until funding appears. Now the dadgum fridge.

No symptoms. It went from working perfectly to not working at all. Won't even come on for electric or propane!

Just playing dead.

Well, I need to go get dressed. I heard a rumor about a small fridge I might be able to buy used and keep in my shed until I figure out plan C.

Life is goof.

I am doing newfangled treatments that have eased my pain and brought me some happiness so that is wonderful thing!

Years ago I lived in an old house and the refrigerator died. It was winter so I was keeping a few things cold in a box on the back porch. I had company who wanted coffee with milk. I opened the back door to fetch the milk much to their amusement.

Later that day they called me to see if I had a friend with a pickup truck. They had gone out and bought a brand new refrigerator for themselves and were gifting their old one to me.

I used their fridge for 7 more years. It was still in the house when I sold it.

People are awesome.


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