Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wake up and feel awesome!

Well, my fridge gave me a face full of amonia. Propane refrigerators do that when they die. Mine has been pronounced dead. The funeral will be in a few days.

Extracting the fridge from the builtin cabinet is going to take some good solid work. Ugh!

First off is safely tapping off the propane connection.

Oh boy.

Yesterday I was able to borrow a car to do the owner a few favors and then use it to run my own errands. I feel so very lucky!

I bought the doodad to cap off the propane thingy at the hardware store. They are so helpful!

Now it's time to watch university of Youtube for a serious education in propane safety.

I can't just turn off the propane for good because I cook with that. Also it powers my furnace. My electric fireplace is awesome but it's more for maintaining the warmth. When it's super cold, I have to use the furnace for 20 minutes to bring the RV up to a living temperature. Then I can shut it down and just use the fireplace to maintain that temp.

The fireplace has an anemic fan. I guess that's why it takes forever to warm up the place but it does a great job of maintaining the comfort once the room is up to a living temperature.

I need to rapidly find a new income. I was working off and on and making some piddly money but that job is no longer available.

So far there is no use buying another fridge until I get this one fully uninstalled.

I did locate 2 different fridges that will probably fit in the cabinet. I just want the old one out first to verify the sizing.

Today I am trying to wake up and do housekeeping. I want to be super duper grateful for all that is right. Taking care of everything is paramount and being thankful that I have it is important. 

I am so LUCKY to have a roof over my silly head. So I will not and can not whine about lack of a fridge.

I've found a lot of stuff dumpster diving and repurposing as well as scavenging and sometimes just asking and resulted in hand me downs.

Recently I acquired a TV because my neighbor  doors down decided to buy a new one. I offered to haul off the old one for him. Much to my surprise, he brought it over and gave it to me! WOW!

Life is goof!

Shop Amazon, with any of my link. Any commission I earn will go towards my refrigerator. 

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Life is goof!