Saturday, November 24, 2018

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

 Dark Friday...

Yesterday I said my prayers giving a long long list of THANKS for waking up alive, for having a tiny home, for having food, for having a dog, and best of all for having both earthly and heavenly angels in my life.

Thank you. 

At 1pm, I enjoyed an intimate dinner with 60 other people of which I knew about 20 of them. My plate overfloweth with a tiny spoonful of just about every single dish on the buffet. Each of the 60 patrons had brought a dish to share. It was an awesome display of delectable treats. I only took about 1 or 2 ounces of turkey just so I would have room to sample everything else.

At 4pm we reconvened to share desserts.

By 6pm I was on my couch which has builtin recliners,  watching an awful movie about Thanksgiving aptly named "Awkward Thanksgiving". I can not recommend this movie. I thought it was dreadful and I did doze off in the middle of it because it failed to capture my attention. My friend informed me when I woke up, that the dog seemed to enjoy it.

Today is bad Friday, but consumers call it Black Friday. There is also a move underfoot called "International Buy Nothing Day"as a day for society to examine the issue of overconsumption.

Some suggest that non-shoppers spend the day organizing their home and regifting or throwing out excess.

The easiest way to get your home under control is to take a ton of pictures of the interior and exterior living spaces in your home. Then study them. This will more than likely be a huge eye opener.

If your home doesn't look like the pictures from Better Homes and Gardens, then maybe you want to rethink your lifestyle.

Home should be a place of peace. A private sanctuary where one feels loved and comforted.  Furnishings should be appealing and welcoming.

I am blessed in that recently I seem to have completed furnishing my tiny home. I feel very spoiled, cozy and comfortable. The only thins left to do is the windows and a little decorating. I have a gallery wall that is unfinished. I have hung little bits of art. It may take another year or so to complete. I imagine it will be a transitioning wall of random memories. Time will tell.

Live the life you imagine!

By being super patient, I have slowly rounded up furnishings from thrift shops and yard sales. These bi fluffy pillows set me back $2. They had been freshly laundered. The colors work well with the rest of the RV.

Life is goof.

Shop Amazon. Sometimes we earn little commissions which we can then spend on dog food and supplies. THANK YOU!

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