Sunday, November 11, 2018

Beautiful Day on Planet Earth

I woke up alive and it feels great!

Got up at 3am and did some puttering and sputtering. Finally went back for a little snooze. 

It seems I am becoming the scavenger queen. 

Folks get bored and upgrade their stuff and I offer to haul off their old castoffs. In essence I get to replace my old junk with better junk and they get to feel good that old things are cluttering up their space.


Recently I heard a guy talking about he bought an entertainment center that was so big it dwarfed his TV. He was thinking of a larger TV, so I said "Would you like me to haul that old TV out of your way?"

Yesterday my doggy gate bell rang. I have a cordless ding dong bell on my doggy gate, so folks can ring me to let me know I have company. They can open the gate and walk to the door, but my doggy sees the open gate as an opportunity to race around the park, so most just ring the bell and save us all the exercise of chasing errant doggy.

I walked outside and there was the guy standing their with his old TV and a big grin!  He had installed his new bigger TV and gave me his old one which is miles bigger than mine. It was only 4 years old.


I feel so spoiled!

I also go to thrift stores when I can looking for things I need or want. Many times I leave empty handed. But on the other hand, sometimes a shopping angel steers me in the right direction. 

For $10 I found a gorgeous rattan chair with a pitifully wrong ugly thin cushion. 

At first I put my old green chair cushion in it which improved it mightily. Then I found the correct cushion on Amazon in their warehouse used deals which is basically their returned merchandise that they resell at lower prices. 

The chair rocks and swivels, something I enjoy immensely. 

On a funny note, when I got home with it (a neighbor loaned me her car since it wouldn't fit on my bicycle) the dog jumped up in it and gleefully made himself at home. He was THRILLED I had seemingly bought him a new chair. 

He is so egotistical. 

That table is one I salvaged and actually made two tables from one. Amazing! Price? Zero! But I did pay for the vinyl table cloth which looks like mosaic tile. I taped the table cloth on the underside to give the illusion. I get so many compliments on it as it looks so real.

My friend encouraged me to get a smart phone by showing me how to dictate texting outloud since my thumbs are way too big for those tiny letters. I asked my neighbor by text if her wifi was going in and out. The message she received was "Is your wife going in or out?"

When I was trying to do something with google and it demanded personal information I complained outloud by texting another friend that was trying to help me. What I was trying to say was "google is so egotistical" and google typed out "Google is eagle testicle".

Lawdy mercy. 

Meanwhile my neighbor texts back that her "wife" is not going out. 

Someone else asked me if "eagle testicle" was how southern ladies cursed?

Good grief. 

I should go back to bed. 

Or nap in my new chair!

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