Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Best Seats

Well it just goes to show, you learn something new everyday. When I heard about acheapseat.com  I thought it was about airline tickets. But it's not. It's a great place to buy tickets to see your favorite band, artist or team such as:
Chicago Blackhawks Tickets
The Book of Mormon Tickets
New Jersey Devils Tickets
Chicago Bulls Tickets
Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets
just to name a few. 

I guess you can buy just about anything on the internet now, except gas for your car. I remember the good old days when a great band was coming to town, one could spend hours in line, just waiting to buy the concert tickets because certain bands were sure to sell out the first day. 

One time, back in the 80's, when Eric Clapton was coming to my hometown, my boyfriend called me up to see if I wanted to go. Of course I did. The problem was, he didn't drive, because he was born blind. He too, was an accomplished musician.  He was working in a sound studio that day.  He often just caught rides here and there, until he ended up where he needed to be. But since he was stuck working that day,  he wanted me to pick up the tickets before they were all gone.   They were being sold at a music store. 

But when I went to buy the tickets on my lunch hour, the line was out the door and several blocks long. I had already had lunch, so I didn't have a whole lot of time left. The line looked like an afternoon's wait, not a 5-10 minute affair. Furthermore, they might run out of tickets before I even made it close to the cashier, as there is no way of telling if someone in front of you is buying 2 tickets or 20. 

I called him back at work.  I said something like "I hate to do this to you, but don't you know the owners of the music store?  Call them up and see if they will hold tickets for you. Tell them you can't get anyone to pick them up for you  until tomorrow. See if that will work."  The reason I felt sheepish, is that he was a very proud person and never wanted to be special or treated differently than anyone else.  He used to often say "I'm not blind, I just can't see!"  This was one time we were clearly asking for a favor, based on his blindness. 

Well, it worked. He called me back, the store owner had said to him "I'd never do this for anybody else, but since it's you, I will pick out two good seats and hold them for you until tomorrow, because I know we are going to sell out today."

So the next day, the music store was back to normal, the tickets having all sold out, the day before. I was able to breeze in, announce I was there to pick up his tickets, pay for them, then leave. No lines, no hassle. 

When the concert came around, we went to the auditorium. We began following directions to our seats, based on the signs. Because it was crowded, my blind boyfriend, walked single-file right behind me, with his hand on my shoulder. This way he could literally follow me around turns, up stairs and so on, without bumping into people. 

I finally found the section we belonged in, then started climbing the stairs. We climbed so high, we stopped for a break. Then we climbed some more. At one point, he asked me if I was lost.  I said "No, but we've climbed so high, my ears are popping!"  

A million steps later, we were at our seats.  On the very last row. The top of the auditorium. Indeed these seats had been so rarely used, they were in excellent shape. I could almost reach up and touch the roof. I was dismayed that the stage waaaaaaaaaaaay down below, was so teeny tiny. He asked me if I could see the stage alright. I lied and said "Oh, just fine!"

When the lights dimmed and the music started, the sound was absolutely awesome. We had both been in this particular auditorium before and had no idea there was a difference in sound, based on your location. Turns out the music store owner, had picked out our tickets because he knew the best sound was at the top of auditorium.  

Of course now in large venues, they often use electronic screens to duplicate the stage view, so that no matter where you sit, you still have a view of the stage. 

I still remember that concert. It was also the very first time I had seen a laser light show, which was incredible. I marveled over the pretty colors that seemingly streamed through the air, the color suspended in the beam. So it turned out, I had lots to watch after all. 

That was 20 something years ago. About a year ago, I heard my old boyfriend was playing music at a bar that was only a few miles from where I was staying.  Since I had been living in the Caribbean since the late 80's, I had not seen him, but we had occasionally spoke on the phone, but at this point, I think it had been 10 years or so since we had talked.  I knew he was now married, with a daughter and had relocated to Nashville.  But I went to the bar, trying to get there before the show started so I could see him and say hello. But I was late, the show had started. When he went on break, I wandered over, then called his name. I was about to introduce myself to him, feeling sure that he had no clue who I was. 

He whipped around in my direction, speaking my name, then gave me a big long hug.  I was astounded and thrilled. We ended up going outside, having a fun conversation until it was time for him to go back on stage. 

The world seems so big some days, other times, so small. 


  1. I really enjoyed today's read. It was one from the heart, I think.

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