Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Curious Ways Of Big Corporations

I am on Facebook but it drives me insane. Today I tried to log in and it didn't recognize me and my device. No idea what that means. But then they posted a bunch of pictures, ordering me to identify who was in the pictures, or else I would be locked-out of Facebook. 

Well, I could only identify one person, and not even sure I got that right. So Facebook has locked me out. Go figure!  People said I needed Facebook to promote my books. Others somehow communicate endlessly on Facebook.  I just don't have time, but I was trying to update my page and so on, promote my books. I have not seen an increase in book sales because I am on Facebook. But I am going to get my books on Kindle soon, so I hope that helps.

The other day my internet company cancelled my entire account, even though I was prepaid. When I paid my monthly fee for August 13 through September 13, on a credit card, they charged me twice but only gave me credit once. So I called them about this and they promised to look into it saying it would take 2-6 weeks. 

I, like so many, can get so easily frustrated dealing with big companies that don't care for their customers one bit.

Nothing happened. 

Eventually I asked the bank to reverse one of the duplicate charges. A few days later, they did. So my internet company, shut down my access, closed up my account and told me my old plan was no longer available, I would have to buy into a pricier plan. That is what I think I understood from the customer dis-service person who spoke erratic English with odd mispronunciations   

Numerous phone calls to the company did nothing but eat up all my cell time with multiple promises that it could take them 2-6 weeks to straighten this out.  Meanwhile I would have to do without internet. Since 99% of my income involves the internet, this could really make a dent in my budget. I am out in the boonies, there isn't anywhere convenient for me to drive the motorhome, to go borrow free WiFi access. 

Finally I made another gallant attempt on the phone.  This time I found someone who actually spoke fairly good English. I did everything in the world to sweet talk and cajole them into understanding the problem, then fixing it. 

A few hours later I tried the internet.  Lo and behold, it worked. I'm back on my old plan the company discontinued, but if you already had it, you could keep it.  The corporations keep changing the rules they play by. Soon as you sign up for a good deal, they discontinue it. 

A third company, unrelated to all this, used to pay me to write articles. Then they decided the writers were making too much money, so they changed the whole plan around, so you make about 10 cents an hour to write for them. 

A fourth company that I was selling odd little designs on printed apparel and other products, suddenly changed their whole system around, so that my little profits from them,  plummeted, even though the same amount of articles are selling. 

I just try to plow forward, pray for a miracle and laugh off the insanity of it all. Even my book publisher has changed everything around, so that my next book will make less royalties than the first book.  Wasn't that nice of them?  They make more, I make less. 

Oh well!  Life goes on, and I am having a blast anyhow. 

Not sure if I will get to post anything tomorrow or not. A friend has chartered my motorhome for a trip to the mountains. I am super excited. My itchy feet are always ready for a trip.  

I was thinking I provide the six C's:
Chartering Class C
Chauffering, CheffingCleaning

For you non-Rv types, a Class C is my type of motorhome. A Class A is the big bus type RVs.  A Calls B is a van conversion. A Class C is built on a modified van chassis.  Basically the front of my RV looks like a van, but a box like house has been built over and behind the cab area. 

So today I am working my tail off trying to tweak a few things and make some repairs. It's like an old boat, always something to fix. When I finish all that, I need to do more housekeeping and laundry, plus bathe a certain little dog. 

Puppy doesn't understand why I can't play with him much. He is such a hoot, he just loves his toys and he will play by himself, but he prefers to pester me into playing games with him. 

I love his enthusiasm and optimism. He is such a joy (and a pest) to have around. 

As I write this, a lady on a hot pink scooter with a matching hot pink helmet is touring the park repeatedly. I think she is learning to ride her scooter and using the park for her training ground. 

About an hour ago, a gorgeous red fox ran right through my camp, disappearing into the woods. I yelled at him to stop, so I could take his picture, but he just ran like hurricane wind, totally ignoring this photographer's request. 

Here comes the lady in pink on her fifth trip through the park on her pink scooter.  I'd love to have a red scooter to run my errands with, but I heard red gets more tickets. Other say oh it's just the red sports cars that get more tickets, most scooters can't go fast enough to get a ticket.  

Ut oh, now she hasn't reappeared again. Maybe I need to go hike to the other end of the park to see if she is OK or perhaps she figured out how to stop the thing. So far I haven't seen her brake at all, maybe that is why she is doing loops around the parking lot and going back and forth to the picnic area, she is looking for the brakes. 

I once saw a funny video of some not so bright fool who loaned his motorcycle to his clueless friend while he videotaped it. As his friend roars off on the motorcycle, his head whips around and he screams "Where are the brakes?"  about 3 seconds later he crashes into the neighbor's wooden fence, taking it out completely. The video stops at this point. 

Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid


  1. Someone tried to hack my Facebook account, so FB kicked me out and sent me a list of things I had to do to get back on. HUH?? I'm glad to be outta there. It is mostly a stupid time waster.

  2. It seems there are those who swear by Facebook and others who swear at it.

    I am just on the clueless side "I don't get it!"

  3. Anneke is on Facebook, but it drives me crazy trying to keep it working. I am afraid customer focus and service are nearly dead. I try to remind myself that it is still better than most of Northern Europe, where customer service was buried many years ago.


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